Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Hello world!

Being new to blogging I hope this does three things for me..,,one - clear my mind; two - gain new insights on my thoughts; and three - meet others who are blogging and enjoy what they write.

If you read my profile about me it says I am married with children but that isn't just all I am.  Though, sometimes, it is all I feel I am.  Things have been crazy the last few months in my house and my life.  You never know what can happen till it happens.

One child in college, one heading there this fall, husband who just had brain surgery to remove a tumor, a job that I love but drives me insane at times and me - who is at a point in my life where I am starting to wonder when is it time for what I want.

My intent with this blog, for the moment, is to clear my head...even if it's just to vent to myself if no one comments, I will have accomplished something.  Sometimes you can't tell the person (s) you want to complain about that you are so here I can do that and blow off steam.

This will be boring I am sure to most but it is Life as I know it...