Friday, December 30, 2011

Goodbye 2011

Before it gets hectic here again, I wanted to post this. 2011 was a good year even though there were moments, I do not care to repeat. BUT each moment, good or bad, was here for a reason. I learned quite a lot about myself and others who were in my life with negativity.  

I wish for each of you in 2012, a year filled with promises of goodness and if by chance, some moments of sadness, or negativity should arise, I hope for a fast exit. I wish for each of you love, and good health and good friends.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Full House vs. Peace and Quiet

When my girls were teens, our house was not THE place to be. We didn't have a gaming system, pool table, or game room, etc - All of which were the "in" items among Jennifer's friends. Jennifer also did not like me (at times, I wasn't overly fond of her either) and so she didn't spend a lot of her time at the house with her friends over. There were times when she did though and one of them is like family now. Valerie, on the other hand, seemed to be 50-50 with this. I got to know most of her friends and they became part of the family. It got to be quiet at times in the house when no child at all was home.

Off to college, Jennifer went and when she came home she brought boyfriend and dog and sometimes a friend too. Since the two (boyfriend and Jennifer LOL) aren't married they do not sleep in the same room. SO that left Jennifer on the couch with the dog. Valerie always had someone (or two) spending the night so it was a busy place here. Noise was above what I was used to and so was the clutter of belongings. I felt like I had "company" in my house and I had to do this and that but that stopped fast when I realized, heck, it was my own kids!

Fast forward to Valerie in college now...we have just Mark, the cat and me in the house. So quiet. So peaceful. So oddly weird. So boring. So blah. So relaxing. You get the drift. Once a month we make the trip to pick up Valerie for a long weekend here and there and it's back to a houseful of kids. Valerie usually will have anywhere from one to three friends over and staying most of the time she is home. They go back and forth between the houses and I never know how many will be at mealtimes so I usually tell them what is for dinner and they will tell me if they will be here. Or I order pizza OR they make tacos. Sometimes they tell us they are eating elsewhere. It works out one way or another.

Now this Christmas break, I have had Jennifer, boyfriend, dog, Valerie, and 3 of her friends here ALL. THE. TIME. I am SO looking for that quiet, peace, relaxing and alone time. I can't stand the clutter, this and that out place. I am not, by any means, OCD, is driving me crazy. They are HOME so yes they should feel like they can BE at home. Their rooms are cluttered just as if they were still living here...floor is barely there with all the stuff over it. Doors are nice to close, aren't they. They use dishes for everything and yes, they do put them in the sink. They do help in the kitchen at times. In fact, Jennifer and bf are cooking dinner tomorrow night. The dog will chew on things when left alone in the house for too long...good thing nothing he chewed on was mine! The cat and the dog do not like each other so Belle stays upstairs most of the time.

I look back and wonder if my house was one the places all the kids hung out if now I wouldn't care about the clutter, etc. I don't know and I am not stressing over it either. I know just as soon as next week comes and they ALL go back to college/their houses I will be missing them all like crazy. The clutter included. Well, maybe not the clutter.

My house will go back to quiet moments, and I will be thinking ahead to the next time they are all here.

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Stress

Every so often I get frustrated with my family. I am sure we all do. It just seems like through out the year they don't appreciate what I do for them (not talking about the every day things) BUT at Christmas, you would think they would see I need help with all the traditional things we do and the shopping, wrapping, etc. Never fails, I do it all. Mark's answer when I say I have this and that and this and that to do is "don't do it. " Meaning, it's ok not to. BUT heaven forbid if I forget to do this or that. One child said she would help make cookies...I have rarely seen her since she came home. The other child when she comes home is really here to rest...she has it tough in nursing school plus a job. So I do really feel bad asking her to help. BUT the way I see it, is this...they should be asking me what they can do to help. I shouldn't have to ask for it, or rather beg for it.

I seriously love the Holidays but this is getting old. I am getting old and tired. Yes I said old. I won't admit that anywhere else. So far, no cookies are made.

Every year I say, "Next year I am not doing this."

I still do. Bah Humbug.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays

I have been a bit silent on here and everywhere else lately. I guess I am going through a bit of a funk. I have been busy of course, with Holiday this and thats but really I have been biting my tongue because some of the statuses I see I just want to smack people for. A friend of mine has a saying, "Stuck on stupid" - well a few are just that and you can't fix stupid. How on earth do you get it into someone's head that what they are doing is wrong and it shouldn't be rocket science. Grrr.

Anyway, I also have a bit of a bone to pick with this whole Happy Holidays thing that people get their panties in a wad about. First of all, I am a Christian, you all know this. I say Merry Christmas because that is how I was raised...if I were Jewish, I would be saying Happy Hanukkah. I am part Ukrainian Orthodox as well and growing up I had two Christmas, if you will. Dec 25 and Jan 6. I was also raised to say Happy Holidays because traditional Christmas had already passed but the "reason for the season" was still going on with the Eastern Orthodox Christmas which is celebrated on Jan 6. What some people don't realize is that the precise date of Jesus' birth is not known, it is argued by several scholars and they gave it a good guess based on the information they have from the Bible. Now i am not an expert on the Bible so I will not try to be.

And you are probably wondering where I am going with this. Well, I guess I am just really naive but if you are Muslim you shouldn't be offended if someone says Merry Christmas to you, if you are living in this country. Same as if they were to say whatever it is they say on their birth of their god's day to is who we are, no matter our race or religion. It's our culture to do as we were raised to do. I think it is a matter of knowing who you are talking to. I have friends of all religions and I mean all religions. I treat them as I would want to be treated. I respect their beliefs and they mine. I learn all I can about their celebrations and culture as it is interesting to me and i want to understand it and them. Not one of them has ever gotten offended when I said Merry Christmas to them, knowing that they do not or may not celebrate Dec 25 the way I do. In fact, they do say it back to me. There's that respect thing!

I think it is narrow minded people not to mention the media making a fuss about them who make this an issue. Think about you really think if you said Happy Holidays or Seasons Greetings you are taking the meaning of the day Jesus was born away? Geez Louise! If you believe in God and all that he said and done, then you know that Jesus is real and you aren't going to be slighting him.

If that were the case, my great uncle who was a Ukrainian Orthodox priest should be in Hell because he rarely said Merry Christmas - it was always, "Happy Holidays, this is the day the world received the greatest gift, Jesus." The birth of Jesus is a Holiday and it is a Happy one, so....yea.

There are a few people on my list (and again it isn't any of you lol) who really get my goat by typing things like Merry CHRISTmas or Don't forget that CHRISTmas is .... etc/ Geez Louise again. I know how to spell and I see that Christ is part of the word. I also know who he is, thankyouverymuch. Sorry, that kinda just came out - off topic.

No matter how you celebrate Christmas or what your greeting is, you know why we are celebrating and the reason for the season...but to be honest, we should be remembering the reason all year long anyway. HE is the reason for all.

Off my soapbox now.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I need to know about going back to college from my college Daughter

I was having dinner one evening with Jennifer when she let me know upfront what I am up against going back to college "at MY age."
  • Bring either a bookbag or a purse, not both.
  • bring mechanical pencils
  • old people your age sit in the front because they can't see or hear well
  • best seat to sit in is the sides, 3rd row
  • if you have classes with desks that have the arm desk you pull're screwed because you're left handed.  bring your computer
  • make friends fast because old people aren't usually picked for groups quickly unless the younger people like you
  • you have an advantage because you know how to use technology...some old people don't
Yea...Tell me why I am torturing myself....

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Know it all"

Something really bothers me is people who think they know it all...I mean all. You know nothing because they know it all. Just how do they know it all...where is their sign! I'd like to stick a sign on them!

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas Traditions

We all have them. Big, small, detailed or not. Growing up my parents and I had a few. Of course there was the tree decorating. Every Christmas Eve we would have snack foods for dinner and open one gift each. Christmas music or show was on in the background. Younger me would set out cookies and milk (and carrots for Rudolph) for Santa and then head to bed. Christmas morning breakfast was cookies and whatever candy I had in my stocking with abundance of batteries for whatever game/gadget needed them and some piece of jewelry. Dad would be cooking Christmas dinner and Mom would be playing Greensleeves on the old electric organ she had. I was just playing with my toys.

When I was younger and my dad's parents were alive, we would head to Delaware to spend Orthodox Christmas with them in January. They were Ukrainian Orthodox and my great uncle was a priest at the church we attended. We would go to mass and I would sit up in the balcony with my great grandmother and sing the holiday hymns. Of course it was in Russian and I had no clue what I was singing but it was wonderful. The smells of the incense and the organ playing. My great uncle giving the sermon in Russian was simply beautiful. There was another mass where he said it in English but we always went to this one. Afterward we would make the rounds visiting the aunts and uncles and cousins. To this day I can feel my Aunt Kate pinch my cheeks, I can feel the warmth of my Aunt Anna's house, hear my Uncle Nicky's laugh as he told some joke, and the arms of my godmother and Aunt Rose. It was a great time and memories I cherish.

Having a family of my own now, we have our own traditions. Girls and I make cut out sugar cookies and decorate them....looking forward to doing that very soon with them in fact. When they were younger they would set out cookies for Santa and reindeer food that glittered so they knew the way to the house. They would leave Santa a letter and get a reply in the morning. We kept the snack food dinner and opening one gift going from when I was young and added watching Annabelle's Wish while eating. Playing board games follows that.

Christmas morning, of course they eat cookies and candy but I also make breakfast. One year we went to Waffle House...nasty...won't do that again LOL. After all the gifts are open, we tend to just relax. As the girls got into their teens, we found they would migrate back to their rooms and I was not liking that. So, we have added going to a movie on Christmas's quite fun and you'd be surprised as how many others are there too.

This year, I am not sure when Jennifer will be home for the Holidays. She has mentioned she would like to work on Christmas (big bucks for Holiday!) and a few other days. It would definitely be odd not to have her here on Christmas Eve and Morning but nothing says we can't do it again when she is here. It was very odd not having her with us in Wisconsin. All part of them growing up and being on their own I guess. I am glad she was with her boyfriend and his family and not alone though.

What are your traditions???? I anxious to hear some of them!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thanksgiving Blessing

I don’t know if and when I will be able to get online starting tomorrow as there will be 14 or 15 of us staying in house with one bathroom, 2 available bedrooms, and 1 computer all in a rural quaint town (read farm country) in Wisconsin. Getting on the computer (yes it has internet lol) will be difficult as many will be checking FB and others will be setting their fantasy football rosters for the week. Pray I win the next two weeks please LOL.

Thanksgiving is a blessing in disguise. I know we all are thankful for so many things day in and day out and announcing them each day seems small. Over this last year, I have learned how to be me, how to be thankful for the smallest thing, and how to quit something that I only knew for over nine years and enter a new chapter, and above all, I learned that I need to let God handle things more. 

Be thankful for everything and everyone in your life, whether they are difficult to get along with or not. Be thankful to God, who created them. Thank them all with your heart for being in your life. It’s the best gift you can give them.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

On my mind...

Meeting with the college adviser today to go over classes to take in January...I am a bit nervous and anxious. Maybe if I tell them I hate math, they will just give me those credits free. hehehe.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Do I have any Blood left???

NINE...NINE....count them....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9!!! That's how many tubes of blood they took. The lab tech asked me if I was feeling poorly LOL. I said no! I think the doctor went loco! She actually told me a couple of the tests were for joint pain which is interesting since I didn't mention that my hands hurt more than normal...mostly when I am crocheting.

So after I left the lab I needed food after having to fast...I usually eat at 7:30 am so I was starving. My intent was to stop at McDonalds and get an egg McMuffin (Lesser of the bad stuff from there) and OJ. Well - my stomach wasn't letting my brain take over and it ordered my mouth to ask for a sausage McMuffin, hash brown and OJ. I have to tell you, it sucked. Stupid stomach - last time you tell me what to do!!! LOL.

On another note, My Jennifer is coming home this weekend! She is going to to go the annual Christmas Made in the South craft show with me and she is trying to talk me into having a "Bruce Lee Roll" with her...I told her NO Sushi for me!! Next weekend we will go and get Valerie for the weekend and we are going to see Lady Antebellum in concert, I can't wait! Then the week after that, we will be heading to WI for a week...Hubby's entire family will be coming to parents house and we will eat turkey, pie and be merry!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Doctors got my goat this morning

First of all, let me tell you a 7:40 appt clear across town is rough! I had to leave the house at 6:50 this morning, which if you are calculating, I had to get up an hour before that! Getting on base at that time of the morning is a treat….everyone is heading to work and lines are slow but moving. I get there and pretty much am seen right away, I mean they shouldn’t be running late as I am the second appt of the morning! The doctor I have been seeing since on the BP meds was on a contract and it is up and they are trying to renew it so in the meantime, I get Doogie Houser who is overworked and didn’t mind telling me so. He didn’t mind telling me that he thinks the contract things is a pain in the ass either. While I agree with him, simply because this particular doctor was one I liked. S0 – my BP didn’t register on the automatic machine thing and I am thinking that is a problem. It sure doesn’t have any problems letting me know when it is high! Manually it was 116/76 on meds of course. One good thing going my way so far!

Now, I tell him the other two reasons I am there (issues with nasal dripping blocking my ears, and my ongoing for YEARS eczema or psoriasis (depending on which doctor I saw.) I try to tell him I have never been given a referral to a Dermatologist not for lack of trying. I was just given meds after meds for it till finally in the last 5 years I said screw it. I kept the flare-ups down and knew what to use to help when I had one. Keep in mind, one doctor over the last 20 years told me I shouldn’t have moved to the south and one told me not to stress, and (this is good) one told me not to get my hands wet ever. HaHa! Jackwagons (Thanks Tracy for the “label”.)

This doctor is young, fresh out of Medical school I am guessing or close to it. He must have been at the top of his class because according to him, my skin rash could be anything from what I was told to a symptom of diseases I do not want to know about…AND he said he would recommend a biopsy of the skin to rule of others. Now, I am smart but I was like a 4 year old hearing that I couldn’t have a cookie…upset and ready to throw it down! Come on now, you don’t tell me that all the years I have been seen for this not one doctor wanted to do any more than give me steroid creams! So he mentioning test after test he wants me to get done…I asked him how these tests were done. All done with taking blood. Oh yay!! I also get to have the normal tests run too, which I am ok with. I just wonder how many freaking tubes of blood they will need to take from me!

The nasal thing…apparently he thinks it’s allergies so I get to snort some stuff and take some stuff too. If it will unblock my ear so I can hear better, ok!

The thing that irks me is I do not have a choice at the moment to see an off base provider. You have to live 30 miles or more away from a base clinic to do so. I am looking into writing a letter to the insurance to see if I can. I have heard it’s possible but I also heard it’s not. Worth checking though. I already hate that retirees are on the bottom of the appt chain…a two week follow up appt takes a month to be seen. I found ways around it though. When you do get to see someone, it is hardly ever the same person you had the last time. Ok now in the past I have only gone to the doctor if I needed to so when I call for appts I am usually told it’s someone new…not my problem – my problems is when you do go you have to tell your history OVER and OVER because they don’t know you. I would like to know what they write in my file because it seems like they write a lot! Maybe they are typing up their “to do” lists or emails and fooling us! Whatever they do, they don’t read much what they write.

Today, Doogie wrote a lot with words I am sure the spelling bee champ would not know how to spell. You see, he was dictating what he was typing. Somewhere in there I heard I was being given a referral! I think. Hmm…I hope.

So if you’re healthy till you are 45, you will start to fall apart. I am going to put myself back together, not going to be like Humpty Dumpty.

(P.S. Spell check kept wanting to change Doogie to Doggie….I found that very funny LOL)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


We've got a kitty named Belle...she has been with us since September 1996...she is getting up there in age and it shows. More so, lately. She meows constantly if she's not sleeping and it's not a "I'm in pain" meow. I think she is telling me to piss off most of the time cause I don't feed her when she wants me to or let her outside. It's hard for her to jump to places she easily has before on some days...others she is up there no problem. She sleeps in the oddest places lately and they aren't comfy ones either! She will demand to go outside (she is an indoor cat mainly) and she will just lay in the flower bed or on the sidewalk (concrete) path in front of the porch for hours. She has never slept in any of the bathrooms - ever and she will do that every day now...weird. Right now, she is laying on the metal fireplace hearth sleeping like nobody's business. Belle must have been sick all last week and this weekend because typically she will wake me up for breakfast every morning and demand I get to it...she will race me downstairs (One day I will trip over her and beat her to the bottom!) Belle is more my pet than anyone else's in the family. She tolerated Jennifer (who wanted the cat) and had nothing to do with Valerie (I think because when Val was little, she would be a bit too rough with her) and will only give attention to Mark if she wants outside and I already vetoed it. She sleeps on top of my pillow at night, I have conversations with her..and yes she answers me, contrary to my kids arguments. Anyway, back to the sickness part. She didn't come down in the morning with me for 5 wasn't till like lunchtime when she appeared to eat and she really was slow moving at times. Monday she didn't even come downstairs until around 8pm...her food was untouched until then. Hubby said when he was home she stayed on the bed sleeping and that's where she was that evening till 8pm. She threw up sometime in the middle of the night, I know this because I stepped in it when I went to the bathroom! Nasty feeling on your feet! Yesterday, she flew downstairs like normal and is acting fine once again. All of this made me think of my past pets, which were few!

I guess I was about 3 or 4, I remember having pet turtles, small ones that lived in a fish tank...I think they died because one day there were there and the next gone lol. They were fun to play with outside the tank too.

When I was in 3rd grade I got a cat because my parents didn't approve of my imaginary sister that lived in Japan...well her name was Twinkles and she loved me, tolerated my dad and wanted nothing to do with mom lol. She lived forever...I mean she was OLD when she died of feline leukemia and is buried in the backyard of the house my parents live in right now. When we lived in Wayne Heights, Twinkles would get outside at times and made friends with the dog that lived downstairs, Sheba. Once I got married, Mark didn't want to bring the cat with us so when we would visit, Twinkles let me know she was not happy with me abandoning her! I was no longer a thought.

Sometime in the first years of our marriage, Mark brought home a kitten which we named Cricket...beacuse she jumped like one LOL. She was our party kitty...she HATED people except for us. When people came over, she would hiss and growl at them and the hide somewhere. We had a party once, I think it was for Stacie's husband's birthday and Cricket hid the in bathtub and the shower curtain was closed so you didn't know she was there. One of the guests went to the bathroom and came out screaming...said there was something in the shower LOL..It was Cricket hissing LOL. We gave Cricket to a new home right before I gave birth to Jennifer, we weren't sure how it would react to her. Have no idea how she is now.

Which brings us to Belle. I truly think her days are numbered...I will miss her terribly when she is gone. Jennifer asked me what I would do and I told her...I will cry and probably get another kitty...I need company until my girls are married and give me grandchildren! Of course my girls both say they aren't having kids LOL.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

An Ah-Ha moment in child rearing.

You have many throughout the life time of raising your children and some aren't as memorable as others. The books and the experts tell you about them and tell you how to deal with them and all the while you are saying, "oh my child isn't going to be act like that!" Haha..then we end up we egg on our face because at one point in time our children DO act like the books and experts tell you to expect.

One of my MANY and memorable came when my girls were teenagers and were fully enjoying their cell phones. I can recall this day almost perfectly...I can't remember the date but I can remember where each of us were sitting and doing. The girls were on the couch and I was ust coming back in from getting the mail. I had the cell phone bill in my hand. Now, our plan at that time - each girl had 250 texts each and we had a family plan of minutes and I allotted each of them 500 minutes. At this point in time, they didn't really call many people that weren't on our plan (or so was the case till this point.) For months they did well staying in the ranges. My policy was the same as the cell phone company...if you went over your texts, you would pay me 10 cents for each one over. If you went over your minutes, you paid me 35 cents for each minute
over. The penatly for not paying your bill was turning off the that feaure or even the phone untill payment was received.

The girls had no jobs but did get an allowance that included spending money. I gave them X amount of money each money and from that money X amount was lunch money, money from doing their assigned tasks at home and then spending money. The idea was (and it worked VERY well their entire teen years) that this was all you got for the had one pass to ask me for extra if it was something important (example being a school function or a new book (reading is deemed very high in our house and I never have turned down buying them a book). They never abused the extra pass.

So back to this particular day, I opened my bill and hit the roof. It was almost $300! Now I have to tell you that the two months before each girl went over their texts by like 4 each and one went over their minutes by like 10. I gave them a warning each of those months and a "pass." I figured they would learn. HaHa...egg on my face! I told each girl what they owed me for this bill...and it was BIG for Jennifer. Not so much for Valerie, but it was still steep. Jennifer didn't care one bit and all she said was she would try harder not to. Ohhhh so not good enough. She proceeded to tell me that I always bluff with the threats and don't follow through with my punishments like I say I will. Ding Ding Ding...and let there be LIGHT! Oh yep indeed...the light bulb came on BRIGHTLY. I picked up my phone and dialed the cell company and had them turn off the phones temporarily. Now being smartasses the girls didn't believe me and laughed and went on with watching their TV show. I walked away to cool off and to start dinner. About 10 min later, I heard this scream of MOMMMMMMM why did you turn off my phone!!!!! I nearly choked from trying not to laugh of smile but said with the straightest face possible "you don't pay your bill, the service is gone, Pay your bill and it comes back on"

Fuming she walked away and didn't talk to me for two days. Valerie, my money hoarder paid her bill two days later and her phone was turned on. On the third day, Jennifer paid me half (she owed me $100) with money she was saving for some outfit and shoes for months now. Told me to take the rest of it out of her next months money. I did which was a week away. Her phone was then turned on. Since that day, I have no problems with them and their phones and I have had NO problems following through on any of my punishments....they didn't like it but they got the point and didn't argue.

I probably should have learned that lesson long before that but my girls are awesoome, responsible adults now so I didn't do too badly. Live and learn.

What was one of your Ah-Ha moments?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day with Valerie

Yesterday was a very long day but a great one. We drove 2.5 hrs to see Valerie and enjoyed the day there in Carrollton and surrounding areas. We left at 8am and didn't get get home till 11pm. The trip was to bring her the cold weather clothes she asked for, the new laptop (hers crapped out), and of course cookies for the roomies. I also brought her the padded memo board I made for her so she could hang pictures up without making holes in the wall. I love those 3M sticky hanging thingys!! Anyway, we went to a mall that was about 30 min was pretty big! Took us about 3 hours to do the entire thing and she bought a few more items of clothes. I didn't spend a dime! Well unless you count the Aunt Annie's pretzel! We headed back over to Carrollton and went to see Lion King in 3D...Valerie was like a little kid lol. Dear hubby fell asleep! By this time, it was going on 6pm so we went to eat dinner at Applebees...I tried something new and loved it...think I will be trying to make it at home too. Bruschetta chicken. Then it was time for the traditional trip to the grocery store! We dropped her off at her place and headed for home...I know I am rambling here lol.

I don't think I will ever be comfortable driving this trip alone to see her...I drove there and it was so stressful when the traffic got thick near the airport and then each time we had to change interstates. Hubby likes interstates and I would prefer back roads or at least a not so busy interstate unlike the ones we had to use. I felt as if Mark didn't care for the drive but you know what...he choose not to get Valerie a car so maybe eventually he will get her one. On the way up there, the "service engine light" came comes on from time to time and we have no idea why...or I should say Mark doesn't seem to care as long as the car runs well which it is. It bothers and worries the heck out of me.

I've attached the picture of the memo board I made and Valerie sent me one last night of it partially filled. They are so easy to make and the colors I used matched her comforter perfectly.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Belly dancing

With our Direct TV, there is an exercise channel on demand. I can download various exercise programs and do them at my leisure. I was checking some of them out before I settled on one I wanted to do on the days I am not walking. I am not very motivated as I have previously mentioned so this was interesting. So I watched a routine for simple cardio moves with some of the Biggest Losers (who now are thin and in shape) and liked one of them. Then I watched one with Jillian Michaels from the same show…she had three people on there…one who was showing you how to do the exercises if you were advanced and buff, one who did them low impact for beginners and buff, and then Jillian herself doing them at I am assuming a normal pace and even advanced in some. Well...I am here to tell you that I watched this 30 min routine and kept talking to Jillian. I mean, come on…have some people, at least ONE, that are overweight! Skinny and ripping biceps are not motivating me very much…I would rather have one person on there that I can relate to while I am struggling to kick my leg to the sky or crunch what I can’t find or lift my butt off the mat when I tell I you am but it is still touching! Anyway, I liked a few of them so I saved them to try this week.

On to the belly dancing. Belly dancing…there is a reason that you need to be skinny and in shape to do this form of dance. I know some will say otherwise and that once you learn the steps you can use it as a form of exercise. I am here to tell you, I think you need to be in shape!

Apparently there are four moves you need to master before you can do this dance. They involve your hip and moving it in such a way that I think I could seriously break it! Or at the very least, injure it to the point where Mark will not be getting lucky for awhile! Step one…was the hip twist and bump move. Apparently, Mayte Garcia is quite the pro at this dance and has been doing it since she was three years old. Twist and bump my hips….Lordy. Step two was the rolling of your hips…vertically and doing figure 8’s. Ok…that would mean I need to be coordinated….hahaha. I can walk and talk, I can rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time but figure 8 my hips while rolling them too…nah-uh. Nope. Step three is ribcage circles…vertical, diagonal, and horizontal …ok now I am supposed to move my hips AND ribcage…fat chance! I mean it…everything moves when I try to move my ribcage. See you have to be thin…like Mayte. I saw her ribcage move. And diagonal? What the hell move is that? That could put you in traction! Step four…basic arm, head and shoulder moves…ok ok..this step I could do…just this step…alone…by itself. But noooo you have to do it at the same time as the other three! I kept saying, “that has to hurt” and “are you kidding me?” or “no freaking way my hip will do that without me dying.”

Mayte then put them altogether and it was very good. I was alone in my house…I most certainly could have tried them all with her but I was not going to LOL. I kept asking her if it hurt to move like that…she assured me with her movements that it did not but I was still hesitant. I listened to her tell me how good this was for your stomach, back, and hips. I believe it but at the risk of hurting myself I just wonder if sticking with the walking would be better. Mayte also told me it was easy. She made it look very easy. But she doesn’t understand when she tells me to watch how my hips move and how my ribcage moves in circles I can’t see mine for all the fat on them LOL.

Ok I admit, I want to try this but I am not a dancer nor am I coordinated. I plan to give it another shot…alone, in my house, with the blinds closed. I will take it for granted that my hips will move the way she tells me and that my ribcage is going in the direction it is supposed. Or I could just sit and watch her do it again and talk to her…she really is nice, very encouraging and did you know she was Prince’s ex wife? Oh and she attended the same high school as Priscilla Presley did when she was dating Elvis.

Yeah…I am going to belly dance my way thin or into traction.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Ok just a vent...I really am tired of my girls telling me I have no schedule to follow or thinking I do nothing but sit at home watching tv or on the computer. OMG...I do not have a job...BUT I do have things I do. For too long the house has been only getting the bare basics of cleaning so there is that and I do have errands to run, and people to see (ok so most of the time it's for fun but still!) and at this point in life I find I have doctor appts now..blah. I am doing things to get back in school and I do not appreciate them telling me "every day is the same" - I still have Mondays...grrr. I kinda (kindly) went off rook just a vent...I really am tired of my girls telling me I have no schedule to follow or thinking I do nothing but sit at home watching tv or on the computer. OMG...I do not have a job...BUT I do have things I do. For too long the house has been only getting the bare basics of cleaning so there is that and I do have errands to run, and people to see (ok so most of the time it's for fun but still!) and at this point in life I find I have doctor appts now..blah. I am doing things to get back in school and I do not appreciate them telling me "every day is the same" - I still have Mondays...grrr. I kinda (kindly) went off on Valerie this morning when she asked me why I was in a rush. I told her I had a schedule to follow and I was behind. She said, I didn't have to follow a schedule...well I crapped on her cracker...told her that I have my schedule to follow and when I am behind it sucks for the whole day and maybe even the week. That is all...thank you.n Valerie this morning when she asked me why I was in a rush. I told her I had a schedule to follow and I was behind. She said, I didn't have to follow a schedule...well I crapped on her cracker...told her that I have my schedule to follow and when I am behind it sucks for the whole day and maybe even the week. That is all...thank you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

As seen on thoughts.

I am not one for buying those “as seen on TV” products and the infomercials crack me up most of the time. I recently saw one for Eggies System for hardboiled eggs. Pretty neat contraption but I rarely have issues with peeling hardboiled eggs and when I do; I really don’t care because I boil an extra few anyway. But it got me to thinking how many useless products are out there that we foam at the mouth to have and then we use a few times and then it collects dust at the bottom of a closet awaiting the next yard sale to be had. I have guilty of falling for the pitches and oohhhs and awwws of the wonders of the item. So has my husband. And my girls. Lessons learned, sometimes.

Years ago, I bought the thigh master….come on you know you had one too. I used it for a bit, hubby did too and then it got put away in the closet. He bought an ab machine thingy…I made him return it, it wasn’t worth it. He likes the exercise “as seen on TV” products. I have a deflated Bean in my garage that he blows up from time to time and then lets sit in my living room. Unused. Yes he used it when he first bought moons ago. The Snuggie was his latest….actually I bought it for him; he really wanted it and he does use it. The girls make fun of him constantly….”Dad, it’s a robe backwards” or “Dad, do you know how retarded you look? “ He proudly wears it. I find it comical.

I, on the other hand, go for the kitchen gadgets. I bought this stovetop griddle once and was so excited to use it. One side is a griddle, I could make pancakes for all and sit and eat with them instead of being the last to eat. The other side was a grill top, hot dogs, chicken grilled in the house when it was raining or too cold to go out (upstate NY winters.) Well the downside of this nifty invention was that if your burners (needed two) weren’t the same size, the food took longer to cook anyway. And I can’t use it on the ceramic top I have now. It sits in the cabinet at the moment. I bought this salad spinner, yes they are cool and useful but I found myself still drying my lettuce leaves as I always have, with paper towels. The space age saver storage bags…they are good, I will admit and bought a set…We use them still but that’s only because they are storing blankets in the closet.

There are some great products out there and we as people are eager to buy anything that will make our lives easier and take less time to perform a task. We get sucked in with “lose half your body weight in only 6 weeks” and those photo shopped before and after pictures. I mean does that aha bra really work, or the jeans that make you appear skinny until you boomerang them back at yourself when you take them off. Do these products come with hazard insurance?

I will admit there are some useless gadgets that are actually useful…if that makes sense. I bought Jennifer hangers that were slim – you know the ones, you can store double the clothes in your closet with them. Good for the dorm room closet! Ha, the joke was on me. They are good and do live up to their advertising - however, what they fail to mention is consumer will then go buy more clothes to hang because there is more room to do so. Oh those, inventors are smart for sure…that’s why they are rolling in some dough while I just bake cookies with it.

Since I started to write this endless gibberish, I realize the Eggie system is still on my mind. I may have to see if I could use it. After all, the eggs are cooked with a flat bottom, making them stand flat and you do not have to peel the eggs. It even lets you add seasonings to the little egg holder cooker thingy. You can’t beat the price either…just $10 and you get 12 egg cookers! Is shipping free?! Where’s my credit card?!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My thoughts on 9/11


Warning...I may offend some of you with my opinion and if I do, I apologize in advance. I also know some of you have very strong opinions on this topic as well and that's fine too.

Yesterday this was a status on a friend's FB page and it hit a big nerve with me.

"liar...this was no mistake...and if it were, he should be removed from his job for being to ignorant....cripes..."

My first problem with this is if you just read the fox news report on the story you are missing facts. You have to go to the source...that being the article from the Greeley Gazette.

Second, how can this person call the principal a liar and said it wasn't a mistake and that he should be fired. Good Lord, if that is the case, fire all of us from every job. In the Gazette article, the principal said the flag was not in that usual place, so that means someone else placed it there and lower than the other flag. Yes that is very wrong but as soon as he was notified of it, he resolved the issue. I know what our flag symbolizes for our country and the fact that someone placed it lower than ANY other flag bothers me, however, no one has the right to say you knew it was there or that you should be fired from your job because some jackass thought it would be funny to disrespect out flag.

This friend has a tendency to put down our government often and other cultures as well. That brings me to what I really got ticked about - Before I head into that though, please understand I totally do not condone anyone, no matter their culture, race, or whatevers threatening our President (whoever it is), our country and its people. That is intolerable. I also, do not condone that for any country but as we all are fully aware of, peace does not reign everywhere and thus we have what we have in this world.

I do not agree with our current President but I respect the office. I have said a few things against the man and totally wish when the election went on more people didn't vote for him because he could be our first black President but as he said many times, we need change and that is what they followed him for. We do need change...oh we need change. Anyway, getting off my topic here.

9/11 is approaching and I have read several things on this lately and some of it really does bother me, How can one say you can't mention God at the 9/11 remembrance...God is laughing at that one and we all know he is. Even if you don't mention His name out loud, you got your thoughts and yep that is a joke. I also heard that no emergency service personnel were being invited, surely that is a mistake as is the fact that tickets or whatever invitations were sent to the families inviting them to the remembrance were delayed. 9/11 is no joke but the crap that the media and NYC mayor or whomever is doing is. I am so tired of hearing things were omitted or changed so no one is offended. Shoot, I am offended when the guys think it's sexy to walk holding their pants up at their crotch but no one is changing that just for me! Walking on eggshells isn't going to change how those against us think...they will just confirm their thoughts that we are wimps and don't stand up for what we believe in. Get over it already!

The other thing this friend often disses is Muslims. Grouping all of them as terrorists. Really? Are you serious? I really get tired of hearing that all Muslims are terrorists...Not all of them are. Yes there is a large group that is and no we should NOT be worried about offending those that want to hurt our country and its people. However, why do we need to punish all Muslims for what the black sheep of that culture has done and continues to try to do? That's sort of like saying all white people were/are slave owners and they should be punished for that. There are many Muslims who fear for their lives every second of every day because they do not believe or choose to follow those that are terrorists. Oh and not all terrorists are Muslims...some are full blooded Americans that have gone against their own country.

9/11 I was living here in GA on the Air Force Base and my girls were in school, Mark was sleeping as he worked the midnight shift and I was home. My neighbor came over when we heard about the happenings and we were headed up to the school to pick up our kids...they were on lockdown in the gym (school was on base too) - We were told we could get them since we lived on the base and the base was on lockdown as well. The kids at the school were terrified, no clue what was going on outside their bubble so to speak. This is a school of military kids....meaning all different children from all different cultures...including Muslims. I even think one of the teachers was from Saudi and she was a favorite there.

At the college that I worked at there are several Muslim students (all here legally) that only wanted to escape the horrors of their own country for a better life...that is why they came here. (why GA though, I will never know) The stories they have shared with me made me cry and angry. It truly angers me. I live in a military town and there are so many students at this college that have a military person in their family and I have seen these Muslim students go up to them and THANK them for what they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan and they hope to be able to return one day to their country and live in peace. Your religion and faith is part of who you are, no doubt about that but everyone interprets their religion differently...I see this every day and quite often on FB with this particular person. Think about this, you all know someone who says they are Christian quotes the Bible, etc. but interprets the Bible for their own use. I know I worked with one person that did this often. Racism is everywhere (I wish it weren't) and that is what this person is doing when they group everyone of a certain culture together. If we were to follow their line here, then all of us are terrorists...yep...we are. Even this particular person. I hate being negative and I hated wanting to think or say bad things about slips out and I regret it but I get back on my good vibe train. But one day, this person is going to go one step too far and I will have to spread crap on her cracker! Hehehe.

9/11 is a day no one will forget, it changed our country and the way we think. Sometimes I think it changed us to the point that we are accusing anyone who may be different or seem a bit off. Ya know, those people were there before this happened and we just ignored them. Most of them are still harmless nutcases but there are some who are out for their own matter their culture. We also need to remember that on that day, America lost thousands of people and they left behind's those people and their families that we need to remember on that day. They need the prayers. I am not saying we should forget who did this horrible actrocity to us but I am a firm believer in two things...God will take care of us and if you give more time than necessary to evil, they are winning. They want you to think of them. The day that Saddam was executed and the day that Osama was killed was a victory on the war against terrorism but there are more to take their place, unfortunately. The Bible tells us "an eye for an eye..." So, I don't know if we will ever see a day when no one in the world is fighting someone else.

And that my dear friends, is what is on my mind this week.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best laid plans....SHOT

Well crap on a cracker! Ever had one of those days where your best laid plans were just shot all to hell? That was today. The library incident didn't go over well with me this morning. You would think, with today's tech you could checkout a book without your card. I had other ID, knew my phone number, etc. BUT NO. Did this woman know I had to drive clear across town to get here....yea she didn't care. Blah.

Then I went to three stores that sells fabric and ribbon for a memo board that I am making...did I find anything at all that matched the colors in this stinkin shower curtain that has the exact colors of Val's dorm...NOPE!

Then when I get home what do I see next door....a guy who used to work at the college as a security guard who everyone deemed him as creepy pedophile man. He works with a lawn service that my neighbor uses. LAST thing I wanted him to know what where I lived.

So now I am venting and now I feel better. Thank you in advance for reading if you did LOL

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Reports!

There has to be something said for early morning doctor appts. First, they are way too early and second, you are in and out of there!

The doctor I saw had a totally different attitude today...probably because it was first thing in the morning and he hadn't seen anyone yet...I rather liked him - today.

Told him I wanted off this BP med or a diff one. The cough with this one was past annoying. He chuckled and agreed. Took my BP and like the top number but the bottom number was still high. He showed my results from the bloodwork and I was impressed with myself LOL. Blood sugar was normal, Cholesterol was a little over the 200 they would like (I thought it was going to be "you need meds" high) but he was ok with it and the good part of that was low...he said I needed to work on that. Yea...exercise is the key to it all LOL. Thyroid was normal too. I left there with a new BP med - this one has a diuretic in it...oh joy to that! BUT I also left feeling like I am doing something right!

I go back in a month. If the BP is good I am asking when I can get off meds.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Lazy Do Nothing Happening Kind of Day.

I feel like a bum today...hubby worked and now he is outside trimming the shrubs and bushes and tomorrow is will be "practicing" a 50 or so mile bike ride that he is participating in next month. So he will be gone all day. Today, the most productive thing I did was shower. I did balance the checkbook and have lunch on base with hubby. But other than that it's been me and reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 and now LMN has a movie on about a man who kills his wives. I seriously had a whole mega list of things I need to do today. I put my status as completing my To Do list by moving it all to Sunday and so I will get it all done tomorrow. I just cant turn on the TV LOL.

Every so often I have one of these kinds of days, decompressing of sorts - used to be more so when I was working. It just I feel bad in a way, hubby working and all I didn't even do the dishes today. AND we are going out to dinner tonight simply because we received "found money" in the mail. Love that. I do not recall ever filling out the rebate for whatever appliance this rebate was for but they Whirlpool send me a letter a few weeks back telling me I never used the check they sent...ha! I never got one and one of the options on this form was to get a replacement is on Whirlpool and there is enough on there for maybe two more dinners sometime! Probably should use if for something we need but today I think we need Cracker Barrel.

I also had a panic attack today when I wasn't getting a response back from Valerie today for like six hours...don't laugh now! She finally text me (her phone was on silent) and all is good there.

Anyway, back to my lazy day. I think they are good for clearing out the cobwebs. I mean I am not even thinking about anything...well except how to move that bottle of water from the kitchen without me actually having to get up to get it. Yea...didn't work, I had to get up and then the urge to use the bathroom seems more real than just a thought. Oh and on the way back, I see a few things I need to do in the kitchen and chuckle as I get back to the comfy recliner with my water. Yep, lazy. It's strange but even when I was working and had one of these days, no matter the crap that I was experiencing (oh there was a lot!!) at work, on this kind of day I went blank. It was going to be there anyway come Monday so I choose to do nothing and I mean nothing.

One weekend about a year ago, Mark and I got up one Saturday morning and noticed there was a Law and Order SVU and Criminal Intent marathon on all weekend. We like those two of the series so we settled in with breakfast and watched a few episodes....before we knew it it was mid afternoon. We were still in PJs and had done nothing. We cleaned up breakfast and found a few snacky type foods for the rest of the afternoon LOL. By the time dinner came, Valerie asked what we were having...I was like, um um hmmm....let's order Pizza! Even most of Sunday we did this too...we were such bums that weekend but it felt so good to absolutely nothing. I have this thing about cooking a Sunday dinner so I actually did cook that Sunday. Since that time, we have done marathons with NCIS and House LOL but those were on DVDs and we could pause them if "real life" happened to stop by.

I should be doing something as Mark is just sweating away out there but no matter how hard I blink my eyes, twitch my nose or try to orb to the laundry room or the kitchen it isn't working. Life is good.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Empty Nesting

I am sure this Empty Nest thing will seem better as time goes on but for now, it isn't much fun on my part.

I guess the biggest thing is that she isn't just up those stairs and we can't just go and do the things we do together whenever we want to. They will now become more special when she does come home.

Walking into her room yesterday to see what kind of mess she left me (none, believe it or not!) I stood there and cried - figured I better get it all out LOL.

When I talked to her or text her over the weekend (a lot) she was settling in but I still worry for her because she is not a social person and I hope she can overcome that. She did say she met some people (all guys LOL) so that was a good thing. Two of her roommates already know each other and the third, has yet to be in the same room with them. Without a car, she is pretty much stuck to campus unless she makes friends with cars. She did say she wanted to get a job so maybe I can get Mark to give in to buy her a car now.

It is so weird with her not here.

People always say (and I have said it to others too) "Oh you can do so many things when the kids move out." Maybe so but besides running around the house naked all the time, there isn't much else I can do that I couldn't when she was here. She was very responsible so going on trips (the few that we did) without her was not major. Mark isn't a spur of the moment kind of guy so I don't see many trips in my future LOL. We never didn't do something just because we had kids. They went with us or stayed with friends.

I am one proud Mama, both my girls are awesome.

On another note, I was unable to get in for this semester and not for lack of trying. I know this college has a great rep but their customer service isn't 4 star by a long shot. I will be ready for Spring though.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Lessons Your Child Learns When They Actually Have a Paycheck from a REAL Job!

When Jennifer started college I told her I would put in a certain amount of money each money to cover her expenses and she had to budget everything and think about her purchases before she bought them. Her first year in college, she went below the set amount I told her not too ($100). I told her she had to have that amount in there at all times and any thing she needed that required her to go below had to be approved by me. Some were and some were not, meaning she didn't tell me until I checked her account. I warned her the third time that if she did it again, she would have to get a job and with her nursing college classes that was near impossible.

As she went into her second year, she budgeted much better and she was living off campus in an apartment so she was responsible for paying her rent each month which she did without fail. The lease was in her name but I co-signed, so telling her that if she forgot it was her credit and MINE that would be affected kept her on
time. She made wise choices and learned greatly about finding items on sale and if they weren't, she waited. She even started cooking meals at home instead of eating out.

Last year, her third year, she again moved to another apartment. This time she had to share expenses with 3 others and each of them were responsible for paying certain bills. I upped her monthly month to accomadate this change and nothing was in my name so I reminded her she was creating credit for herself so again, don't be late. She never was with anything. She opened an account at the bank there and deposited her Financial aid money in there. It really was my money since I paid for everything but I told her, it was for emergencies and only approved things by me. She did great. Paid for some schoool items that came up through the year as well as gas when she started her clincials. Over this summer she got a job as a Patient Care Tech at the hospital in Savannah, making very good money. She put the money in the bank, I know she spent some on herself and that is perfectly fine but she was excited that she made MONEY. A REAL JOB she said.

Ok fast forward to Aug 9th. Her neighbor backed into her car (it was parked in her driveway) and did quite a lot of damage. So we are waiting for insurance to figure out what to do. She will need a whole new backend according to all the estimates that she got. The other insurance is taking their time on this and she is without a car and classes start Monday. I called our insurance and if we pay the deductible she can get it fixed and we would get that back once the claim went through and she can even rent a car (we have to pay 20% of it) so she can get around while the car is being fixed. Super!!! Well I told her to tell me how much she had in her account so I knew how much I needed to add. She called me and was so upset - here is part of the conversation:

J - Mom, I am so upset, I feel like I have been working for nothing. I have only XXX amount in my account

Me - Where is the Aid money?

J - I had to buy books, and pay bills (she listed all legit bills)

Me: Ok I will transfer money

J- I feel like I should quit, I mean I don't even get to see my isn't fair.

Me - (Laughing) Welcome to the real world Jen, it sucks. You work hard and you give your earnings to everyone else

J- yea but I don't like it

Me- Well from this point forward, make a point to automatically say you will not spend XXX of your paycheck unless it is an emergency and only allow yourself to spend XX of it.

J - Yea...but Mom, it sucks.

I couldn't help but laugh hard when I hung up. Life lessons she has heard me preach but didn't realize the impact until she was faced with it. LOL. I love the fact she is so responsible and turning into a great adult.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just another day of Life...

Well no calls from the college adviser and no calls returned either. Classes start Monday. I guess not for me though. I will be calling first thing in the morning to see if I can still get in.

I had two moments of panic today both within 5 min. One with Val leaving and one with where the money will flow from when we run low. Mark has this theory and I am not sure I am on board with it all the time. He worries about things when he needs to...Me on the other hand...I am a planner, I need to know everything is where it needs to be so I don't worry.

I guess if I am not going to class I need to find a part time job - feels like I am back to where I was. LOL. I had a moment of "did I make the wrong decision" but This too shall pass.

I joked with a coworker (when i was working) that when Val left for college I would be a crying mess...Oh the mere mention of her not being here had the tears flowing. I know this too shall pass but until it does, Puffs and I will be close friends. LOL. I am going to enjoy this week with her and try my best to not blubber everywhere Saturday while we are moving her in. Positive thinking!

The other thing that is bothering me is, I really only have a few close friends and a couple of them are moving (and have moved). You think I would be used to this from when we were in the military. But then again, we were the ones leaving and this time, the moving truck is on the other side and I am left here. I guess this is where Valerie gets it from - I am slow to make friends and when I do, they are forever. I feel like by the time I am close they leave or I do. Most people can't believe I am not an outgoing isn't easy for me to be that. Over the years, my husband's friends usually were mine too (their spouse) and over the years we now have his friends and my friends. No our friends really...there is one couple that we go to dinner with once a month. I am sure this will pass too.

I am just having a blah moment tonight so don't mind me LOL.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

College update

Very quick update on going back to college:

The college has everything they need finally and they are going through my credits to transfer. This is good. They told me an adviser would contact me this week. This isnt' so good. It's Thursday and registration for classes begins today. Classes start on the 15th.

I don't think I will be going to classes until Spring. This is bad. I now have to figure out what to do for the next 3.5 months...yep think I may have to look for a job.

I'm a bit depressed about this.

Oh and heads up...9 days till Val leaves for college.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another brilliant idea gone south...

Almost 3 years ago, Jennifer moved out to go to college. Today, we gave her combination bunk bed/futon couch gizmo away. While I did so very willingly and glad it is going to a good friend for her daughter, the room is empty now. I am excited for her because I do believe she will have many memories with it as Jennifer did. Sleepovers galore were used with that bed. hear about turning the kids' rooms into everything but their bedrooms and I am no different. I had this brilliant of my best in awhile LOL. We have a home gym in the garage with extra weights that doesn't get used very often at all. When Mark first got it (it was a gift from his parents for getting his BA degree) he used it frequently and then the Summer came...not so much then. And of course, if not used, out of mind (not out of sight as it was in the garage LOL) So move forward 5 years....about 10 days ago I said "HEY, let's move the gym thing upstairs once we give the bed gizmo away!!" Mark was all for it, and I said this way we both can workout in the AC and while watching TV or a movie. Mark said he wasn't sure if the floor would handle the weight of the whole thing plus the weights themselves. I said I would google it LOL. Well....crap on a cracker! It wouldn't be a good idea because over time the floor joists would bow and so would the ceiling below. Popped my bubble!

Now...have to think of another idea for the room! Guest room? I need a bed for that lol. Not an office because I would forget to go in there to pay bills LOL. I don't sew. It could still be a workout room just have to see what we can do without having the floor collapse. I don't have a hobby that requires a whole room. I could get one I guess LOL. Ideas??? Anyone??? Cheap???

Jennifer still has boxes in there (and the garage) and other items that are hers. The attic will be filled once I get in there to sort through it all.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Customer Service....blah

I really hate calling customer service places that hire in cable companies, credit card companies, and today I added Direct TV to that list. It's not that they are all unhelpful or always rude - it's that one time that I have ONE question to ask I get the rep that knows very little (either they are new or really knows very little) or I get one that just doesn't care about their job and so it shine through the phone lines like the bright sun shines at high noon.

Yesterday, I called to get information on Direct TV and spoke with a wonderful rep named Kendra. Kendra knew her business...even though I could tell she was reading at times from her script she actually didn't "um" here and "uh" there. She didn't repeat herself unless I was being an idiot and needed her too. She had me signing up for the service before I knew it but assured me there would be no problems backing out if my hubby didn't want it. I told her I was gathering info and we would decide if we wanted the service and what kind. She was wonderful.

I explained the whole deal to hubby and he had some installation questions and also wondered if we would have the service on the tv upstairs since I explained we would only have one receiver. I wrote down his concerns and said I would call back today.

Knowing that my chances were slim to get connected to Kendra again, I took my chances with Kristie this time. Kristie was able to answer all my questions but she couldn't make changes to my installation so she was transferring me to that dept. Great! So far my experience with this company was superb....little did I know I would be hitting my head with my hand in a few short seconds.

I can't even tell you the lady's name I was transferred to because she mumbled and was repeating everything more than once and not all that clearly. She tried to tell me I had an installation appt for I didn't even agree yet! All I needed to do was add one standard receiver to my installation. ONE. Probably just a few clicks to do so. She tried to tell me it was going to be $99 and I said no no no. Kristie assured me it was not going to be any charge whatsoever. She apologized and told me there was. I said no no no. She finally figured out I didn't want the HD DVR for the second tv just the receiver...and now it was a $6 per month charge. I already found this online while she putting me on hold and repeating herself several times. I agreed and said please do it. She must have been new and that's fine but at least try to act like you know are doing or tell me, hey I am new, bear with me. She went through all my charges before we ended our relationship and they were all ok. We said our goodbyes.

A little later hubby calls "Hey we aren't gonna get charged for the remotes are we? Like they did to us in FL?" I had no idea...and I couldn't find the answer online. Crap...I had to call back. I hoped I would get someone who knew this. I did, Jason. Jason answered my question in the blink of an eye. The answer is it is included.

Now. I hope the installation guy on Thursday knows what he is doing. I promised my hubby, no unnecessary holes in the house.

All this, to save $10 BUT we get 145 more channels and I can record anything anytime. Take that Cox cable. Oh wait...I will still have them for internet...I better be the nice customer when I call to cancel my cable Friday.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Porn

Just had to share this....I am in the process of creating a food blog...well I was telling Valerie that my pictures need work. She told me

"I can take food porn pictures for you, Mom."

ROFL. I love my Valerie!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Winnie The Pooh

Today I lived a bit of my childhood over and found it is can't go back to it. I love Winnie the Pooh...he was with me my entire childhood and I still have him with me, although now he is tucked in a box in the attic hibernating lol. Pooh had his tonsils out when I did (the doctor cut his neck and then stitched it up lol) and he stayed with me through ear infections and when I wasn't feeling well he was there. He let me shed many tears on him through the years.

I took my girls (Valerie and her bff) to see Winnie the Pooh movie. I was excited and the girls are the ones who wanted to see it but secretly I was glad they did. First of all, the price for a movie ticket is just outrageous and second, so is the concession stand food. We brought our own snacks and water bottles LOL.

They played this stupid little cartoon before the movie as they do with kid movies and then my Pooh came on...I propped my feet up and leaned back and took it all in. Sang the theme song with the girls, we laughed and had a great time. Then as quick as it came on the big screen, it was OVER! I kid you not...the whole movie was an hour long. ONE HOUR! I was dismayed at that and felt I was robbed.

Did I mention the price they charge for movies is outrageous? I feel they should give me half my money back, if not all of it. I don't know who sets the prices but this is crap.

However, ya'll know me...I find the good in everyone and everything:

Price of movies for three (matinee prices) $22.50
Listening to kids cry and talk during the movie - annoying
Reliving my childhood and sharing it with my girls - PRICELESS

Saturday, July 30, 2011

yada, yada, yada

Ok so today not so good on the eating or exercising but I am pooped. Spent the day moving Jennifer into her new place and no one, or two but three trips to Lowe's and I still have stuff to take back there that I brought home with me. I wasn't gonna go for four trips. I will start fresh tomorrow. I have a lot of things to move and clean in her room in my house...we are giving the bed to a friend and maybe moving the home gym contraption that is in the garage sitting pretty upstairs. Although, hubby is wondering if the floor will hold it and all the weights he bought for it....good question to ask now before we move it.

I have this irritating dry cough from this stupid HBP meds...the doc said it would be a side effect and it would bother others more than me...hell it bothers me a lot.

Thursday, July 28, 2011 one

Workout one of bootcamp - not really but that is what the video was called LOL. After my doctor appt Tuesday I had a wake up call...not really one that I haven't been aware of but this new doctor did it in a way not to belittle me or harshly...just facts. Since Sunday I have had this pain..I thought UTI as that was the area of my bladder the pain was in. Well, Tuesday it was so bad I was crying. I went...did the showed no infection really but he was more concerned with my BP which was very high. Typically it is when I go to the docs but if they take when I leave, it is just a bit elevated or near normal. Well this was the second visit and it was not the case. So off to the lab I went for blood to be drawn...and off with BP meds and an antibiotic for whatever I had come in for. 

I left a bit unsure of what to do..I was in terrible pain still but off I went home. On my drive I made a plan...I have two weeks before I go back to the docs and I want to have lost at least 10 pounds and want my BP to be lower both with the meds and exercising and eating better. I thought I was eating well and I am for the most's that going out thing that sometimes throws things off... or the nights when we get home from wherever and by the time dinner would be cooked it would be bedtime. So - dinner is frozen pizza or something like that. ding ding ding...sodium heaven, fat heaven, etc. My real downfall is I hate HATE to exercise. The idea of it is great...actually doing it, yea no. I like to walk, it's too hot at the moment. I have a gazelle upstairs and do use it but not often enough. 

So Wednesday we went to see Jennifer for her birthday...I had to go to the lab first to give more of my blood for a cholesterol check (which I imagine will be bad bad bad too) and i had to fast for it, which really wasn't a big deal since I don't eat past 8pm at night anyway. Then we went to Burger King...yea...I know. Once we got to Jennifer's we hung out a bit and then went to Olive don't be shaking your head...I did good there. I had salad..the dressing is great but bad so before they mixed it up too much I got my share (the dressing is all in the bottom at first) I ordered the Pasta e fagioli soup (low in everything) and I had 1.5 breadsticks...hey it's Olive Garden! Unsweet tea as usual to drink. I felt I did good. Of course the frozen pizza for dinner cause it was late was not good LOL. 

Last night I was looking at and realized it has more than I thought it did the last time I viewed it. It has a tracker for everything, food, fitness, goals, and more. It really reminds me of WW in that you can post everything you eat and it tells you based on your profile how much of each nutrient, calories, etc you shoul have a day and counts it down. Recipes, community boards and even exercise routines. It has all kinds of exercise videos and one that require little or no equipment. I found a series of bootcamp workout ones that were for beginning to intermediate levels and uses weights too. SO - today I did day one...10 min (really more with warm up and cool down) and then walked on the gazelle for a few minutes too. I only had to take one break for a few seconds. I did most of the exercises they way Nicole, , my fitness expert did them. The others I did the less intense version. She showed both the less and more intense for all the moves. Now, I hate exercise but I will do this because I have to. I do not want to be on meds for BP or anything else the doc is going to tell me when I go back in two weeks. Check SparkPeople out if you haven't. I hate exercising with others...I tend to feel like they are all watching me, etc. I walk with my hubby which we will do tonight and every night...heat and all...bleck. I do not want to become a person that has to take a ton of meds every day...I already forget to take my vitamins...add more to my list and I may be in trouble LOL. 

There was one that showed you how to make your household chores into exercise routines. One was laundry...instead of grabbing a handful of clothes and placing them into the washer at once you place the basket on the floor and picked ONE piece up at a time doing squats. I thought, easy. Yes it is, easy but OMG...takes forever when you are doing it with whites..,.Marks wears tons of socks!! I ended up grabbing two things, three things and the heck with all went in the washer LOL. BUT you get the idea. 

Why am I telling you my personal business...I don't know other than I had the urge to write it. LIke I said, I can do the eating part - I just need to do the exercise part and I will. Well...thanks for reading this far (if you did) and sorry to have bored you.

Monday, July 25, 2011

In a funk...

Haven't had a topic I wanted to write about in awhile. Seems I am in a funk. I get this way when I have to pay out of the norm bills or expenses that come up. I am second guessing my decision to quit my job and go back to school. I have moments where I feel I am being selfish or moments where I think we aren't going to be able to make it. We've been so lucky to have put the paycheck to paycheck behind us so to speak and now we will be there's scary as hell. Then I go back and think, all will be fine. I hate this feeling.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day my Mother asked to be my Friend....on Facebook

My kids both had Facebook accounts long before I did. I asked to see them from time to time making sure no pedophiles were their "friends" or they weren't doing anything that they weren't supposed to do. I did the same when they had Myspace.  I did have one of those and they didn't add me and I didn't add them.  We were all like " no way are you gonna see what I have on there."  I played my Mom card well though and monitored them every so often.  I did let them see mine too, I really didn't have anything to hide - it was the principle!  

Well, I joined the Facebook craze to find old friends and such.  My youngest added me to her friends' list but the oldest not so much.  It was invading her college life now! I was indeed enjoying getting re-acquainted with old friends from school and past military bases we were stationed at.  I accepted requests from some of my husband's family too.  My oldest kept telling me it was just wrong for me to have this, of course she said the same about Myspace too.  It was nice to be able to chat with the friends from long ago in real time and I even added some of my co-workers.  Which, for some was a mistake because when I wanted to put up a status like "OMG Some people seriously need to grow up, I would like to point out that immaturity is not attractive in adults...pull up your panties and deal ..." - I couldn't without them asking if it was about them.  It's not always about you, idiot.  

I soon got notifications to play various games and my kids made fun of me for having that farm of course but hey, I was doing  my thing and not bothering them.  Besides it was a bit of a stress reliever from those idiots.  Then one day, in my notifications was a friend request from my oldest daughter.  I had to rub my eyes and look again to see if it was real.  Oh it was there still! I moved the mouse cursor to accept and then backed away.  I hesitated...there was a motive for this.  I called her and asked her. She said it was fine because she hid everything she didn't want me to see...well then what's the point of adding me,geez.  I laughed and accepted her.  It took her two years before I was "invited" to see everything or rather more of what she let me LOL.  

I remember telling my mom about Facebook and the games (she is a big online gamer lol) Then came the mother of all notifications...MY OWN MOTHER! no what was I to do. Yes I am adult but there are somethings I don't want my mother to comment on! Oh geez.  Ok OK OK... I added her but I sure was skeptical.  She would comment and it was odd...she doesn't put statuses up and her gaming posts bug me but I am sure some of mine bug others too.  I learned how to not but others though and not let hers bug me LOL.  I do watch what I post because if I put this as my status - "Some people make me understand why monkeys throw their poo." - she will call me to ask me what's wrong.  Sometimes I just put stuff up and nothing is wrong LOL.

I could so relate to my girls hesitating to add me into their Facebook lives. But it's cool.  Even their friends add me and the girls tell me "OMG that's embarrassing" LOL.  To that I simply say,

Hey, I'm Awesome - Deal with it.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Since you don't have a job....

Well - it looks like I may not be able to register for the Fall Semester. The only document on the list of many that is completed is the one I completed. The application. I am still waiting on the Shot dude to call with the results of the blood-work (calling him tomorrow), still waiting for my transcripts to get to the college. Waiting to hear back from financial aid too. Geez...c'mon peoples! At least if I have to wait till Spring I will be ready. But what to do in the meantime is now at my front door.

I almost smacked Valerie the other day (not really but I gave her the "look") - she mentioned, not once but twice in conversation that since I don't have a job I have time for.... Oh yes she did. I looked at her and told her, just because I am not working, doesn't mean I don't have a list of things I need to do. For too long I have put off things because of work or the kids. Mark hasn't said anything like that yet but I feel if I don't go back to school this Fall, he may get to a point where he will. Not on purpose but it may still happen. He is behind me on my decision to quit and to go back to school but you know how men can be LOL.

I am looking here and there for job openings but not finding much and if one came along that I liked, I would apply.

Actually, I am enjoying this down time...I am getting things done at the house, appts made, and projects now can be completed. I am also back on track with my sonoma diet, no, that's not right back to eating healthier now. I just need to get more motivated to exercise. I go to bed each night saying ok in the morning I am walking. Then when I get up and see it is already 90 out at 7 am I am like oh hell no. I do have a walking DVD that I am going pull out and do in the house. I just need to be held accountable LOL. That will come. I have great intentions at night, in bed, when I am planning what to do the next day LOL.

While I was packing the car today with Jennifer's goodwill stuff, I found some of my things...imagine that! A purse, a book and my rechargeable batteries. Hmmm. She had a whole trash bag full of clothes that I just didn't want to give to Goodwill, so off they went to Valerie's friends. They loved them. The box of books...of which 10 of them were statistics (I never knew she had issues with the subject LOL) are going to the library for the annual book sale. The last box was purses, shoes and junk. I will take the purses and shoes to the Goodwill. I used to be a fan of the Goodwill but lately when I go, they seem to be more about $ than helping others. There was a fishbowl there too and there is a story about the two fish that lived in it that I will save for tomorrow's blog LOL.

I looked at the boxes she deemed "don't touch, I am keeping" and really wanted to go through them to donate stuff too LOL.

There are 35 days till Valerie moves to college.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Joys of Dorm Room shopping

Ok so, college dorm shopping this morning..and I was just starting to get used to the idea of not having to buy a ton of things because she had a traditional dorm (two in a room, bathroom down the hall). Well...she got an email saying she now has the apartment style dorms...wonderful for her...$$ for me. Her original idea of "I dont need anything" is now sounding like this "But it is what I want" - I about blew up on her over a duvet cover she "had" to have and no she did not get it. What the hell is a duvet cover? I thought it was a cover for a comforter or something...if so, how impractical for her!! I can't spend $25 on that and then $25 on a comforter because "It is what I want" - OY VEY

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Another one bites the dust...

Another one bites the dust....another wonderful and good coworker turned in her resignation at the place I did. They say things come in threes....wondering who will be next.

Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Time....

Eating Sushi! (What were you thinking this was about!!)

Sushi = raw
That has been my impression forever.  I mean it's the view you see at the grocery store sushi counter, on TV show, and just about anywhere else - or so I thought.

As my children were growing up, I made various meals (not sushi) for them and they would try just about everything I made.  They had very distinct opinions on what they did and didn't like.  So you can imagine that I didn't make what they didn't like too often. When I did, they would try it again.  Hit or miss again.  I never stopped them from trying new things when we went out, they just chose to order what they knew they liked.  So fast forward to when Jennifer starts college. On her own. Choosing and cooking her own meals.  All of a sudden, I have "sheltered" her from trying new things...liking new foods.  Haha! Same has been for Valerie, she will tell me she tried this or that at a friends and likes it now.  Well, clue me in so I can enjoy it too, geez!

Anyway, sushi is something Jennifer has fallen in love with and has been pestering me to try it with her.  My protests were exactly like hers in the past when I was encouraging her to try lima beans or wild rice. way.  I finally promised her I would try it.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't promise things lightly and I follow through.  My girls know this and count on it.

Of we go to Sushi Thai last night.  I tell her I want my sushi cooked and she told me "I' got ya covered, Ma." I'm a bit scared now....nervous too.  We look at the menu...this stuff is not cheap but it is very pretty to look at!  She tells me I want to order the Gigi Roll. I looked at the description...marinated chicken in teriyaki sauce with asparagus.  That's it...that's what I want!!! Yes...I can eat sushi without gagging or puking.  Jennifer orders the Bruce Lee Roll (shrimp, crab, spicy mayo, caviar and seaweed.  Ewww nasty.  I dislike most seafood. We also order some Spring Rolls...those I like - a lot. Back up plan!

We get the Spring Rolls and they were out of this world wonderful!

Out comes our sushi after that...Jennifer's is so very pretty and very appetizing! Mine not so much...BUT it is cooked and foods I like.  She tells me you have to stick the whole piece in your mouth to get the full effect.  I am like, are you kidding, not my first time. So I break some off and bring it to my mouth...first thing I notice is a FISHY smell.
Gigi Roll

"Jennifer - there is something fishy here"
"no mom (laughing hard), there isn't."
"what's this green stuff?"
"seaweed, it's in all sushi"
"SEAWEED....well they didn't wash it or something cause it smells like the ocean"
"try it mom"

I put the stuff in my mouth and while I didn't gag, I sure as hell wanted too! It was not good! AND I still smelled the fishy whatever.  I ate one more...the way she told me too...the whole thing in mouth to see if it would change my opinion. NOPE.

"Jennifer, I can't eat this, it's not good"
"try mine"
"ok, why not"

Bruce Lee Roll

I try hers and it was good...not great but good.  AND NO FISHY smell or taste, despite the shrimp and crab and seaweed. I guess her seaweed was washed!  The spicy mayo was very good.  So I had a couple more of hers and she tried mine. She didn't like it either.

We ended up bringing home mine just because the waitress was so very nice and worried I wasn't going to like anything (she could tell it was "my first time.") It sits in the will go in the trash today.

Will I go again, sure.  They had a ton of other options there.  Actually, we are going again Sunday and taking Valerie so she can be a little less sheltered too.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have to get how many shots??!!

Now. Getting shots...let me tell you...this isn't gonna be fun! Apparently I am behind in getting them??? Not sure how that is even possible but "according" to the computer at the clinic I am.  Why do I have to have these stupid things to go to school...yea yea yea I know and all that too. SO - NOW I am thinking I may not get to go to school until the Spring Semester. Why?! Because I have to get shots. More paperwork. AND my transcripts won't be here on time most likely. Man I hate to admit this BUT I feel like one of the students I work with...they would ALWAYS be late to register for classes and complain that it wasn't fair. I would always tell them, ya shouldn't have waited so long...See where I am going with this...uh huh.

At least, if that happens, I will be ready for Spring! 

I also found out who my friends were/are at that place I worked. times there. My rose-colored glasses are clear now. Thankyouverymuch for the life lesson. 

BUT I am not dwelling. I am looking ahead. IF they wanted to know why I really left, my phone would be ringing. This is where one might insert the bleep you comment but I am not dwelling. I have to get shots tomorrow...gotta be relaxed LOL.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bored??? Heck NO

For being unemployed, I am exhausted! My husband came home today from work and asked me if I was bored today. "BORED" - haha. There may be only two of us in this house lately but ONE of us forgot how to pick up things. No I wasn't bored, Honey. Actually, I rather enjoyed myself today with all the errands, cleaning and laundry. Someone, QUICK, feel my forehead...I MUST have a fever!

I am rather glad hubby went back to work today...he's been home since Friday. I was getting a bit annoyed with him LOL. Jennifer is coming home tomorrow and should be home until Sunday. It will be nice to have her here as I miss both girls. I just have to let her know upfront, I am not picking up after you or your dog! Oy Vey.

I miss both girls - I don't know, I don't think I am cut out to be an empty nester. Yeah, you say I will get used to it...I'll get back to you on that. After I graduated with my AAS degree I went to work for about a year and so and then had Jennifer. I quit and stayed home to be with her, loved it, loved it! Along came Valerie, two and a half years later and still I was home. When Jennifer was old enough for preschool, she went and I put Val in daycare while I went back to school to work on my BA. Didn't get far but still I went. I volunteered (LOVED IT) on the base when Hubby went to Korea for a year and was still with my girls.

We moved to GA soon (2 weeks) after he got back from Korea and the girls were about 11 and 9 then. A year after we were here, the dentist said they both needed braces. Money is needed for that! So I went on a hunt for a job. A job! Eleven years of staying home! The hours I had with my job were perfect for my girls and me. I left after they got on the bus and was home when they got off the bus! I loved that I was the first person to hear about their day when they got home. Of course through the years the hours changed and I may not have been the first but they would call me to tell me about their day. It was the best part of my day.

Now that Jennifer is in college, she will call me and tell me about her day or's great. She texts me often too. Now, Valerie, she is gonna have to step it up a notch. The girl has been in FL with a friend and her family since Thursday and unless I text/call her, she doesn't. I told her - this isn't gonna cut it when you go to can't just cut me off cold turkey!! LOL. She cracks me up.

Ok..I have no freakin idea where I was going with this. None. Nada. Nothing. I guess my point is - I am not bored, I am not a maid, and I will get used to being Home alone with no kids hehehe.

Oh yea...funny part and if you ever repeat this, I will deny deny deny. hahahaha Remember the movie Failure to Launch? Remember the naked room? husband asked me which room would be the naked room once Valerie left! I thought OMG LOL. Seems like a good point to stop with this rattling!!!