Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrations... know how much I hate to exercise so when I do and feel good about it, I do not want to log on to FB and see Chic-fil-a's add for their banana pudding shake. C'mon! I don't even know if I like it but I like banana pudding! I just walked 2 miles and did strength training all I see when I look at my pretty water bottle that Jennifer got me to use in "school" is a milkshake and not the water that is in it. Thanks Chicken place. 

Classes update...another test done and aced it...a HARD one tomorrow...World Lit. I hate that topic just as much as exercising. Yes, I rebel at studying for it too. I don't even know what to study for since she will be giving us essays to write. ICK.

This past Friday marks the one year date of Mark's brain surgery. It's funny how we remember things like that but can't remember what we need to get at the store. Thanking God every day that he came out of it just fine! So, he celebrates by going on a 65 mile bike ride Saturday, I celebrated by going to Hobby Lobby. We all have our ways! Oh and then we went to dinner with friends at a great Mexican place, Margaritas....and yes I did have one. 

I'm rambling but I didn't feel like posting on open FB. I will be updating the food blog today too. 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Life is good...even with World LIt

It's been a whirlwind past few days with my classes. Ok that's a lie. I played hooky Friday. The entire weekend I did nothing. Yesterday back on it. BUT I have been like the wind and gusting through researching for my papers. The one I asked for opinions on it due in a couple of weeks and is the longest. I actually started it and have two whole paragraphs done! Yeehaw! You may be saying, "is that it?" Well..Introductions are the HARDEST for me to do. I tend to write them last LOL. But not this time. 

Two English short papers done, that next quiz there is gonna be a nightmare. Two other short papers for two classes done. I need to start on my final project for one class like last month. 

I have a headache from thinking about all of this. BUT - I have homemade, fresh salsa and oven chicken fajitas in the works for dinner so life is good.

First Exam...yikes

OK first BIG exam tomorrow...send good wishes and prayers for a good grade! Professor already told us, it is a hard exam and expect to see your A's go to C's. That will not happen to me. (power of positive thinking)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unorganized, Insane Day

Well, I was heading to get that cup of coffee when I got distracted by my DIRTY Kitchen. So I started on a cleaning binge. When I worked, my house wasn’t spic and span all the time but it was kept up. After I quit my job, my house is still not spic and span BUT I have been deep cleaning things…cleaning closets….finishing up projects, etc. Now that I am back in school, my house is so bad. I haven’t mopped since before Christmas and sweeping the kitchen floor…OMG it needs it so bad that if I don’t do it today, I feel I may have visitors that I do not want. I have a problem organizing my time now with school. It was easy with work…you cleaned on the weekends. Bleck. When I quit, I did stuff every day so all was good. Now, I have to add the “chores” in my planner that I keep for classes. No lie. I have post it’s with what I need to do on it.

Yesterday was one of the most unorganized days I have had in months. I was so stressed that I felt my BP rise and RISE. I was supposed to have a quiz posted for World Lit….well I guess the auto upload for it failed and no quiz was posted till noon. Not that I was ready for that one…and when I saw the quiz finally…OMG…it isn’t a quiz. It’s a freakin TEST! Five essay questions that have 2 parts each. One response paper that had to be one page long.

Ok so, no quiz at first…practice test for a PowerPoint Exam…6 wrong the first time through it. Oh boy! 60 questions took me over an hour! Then off to watch a video for another class…most of these videos have been interesting – this one was not! In between all of this, I was doing 5 loads of laundry (still have 3 beds with bedding to wash.) Then, I remembered I had a doctor appt. in the afternoon. So showered for that and went to it. Two hours of study time lost there. Now the time is going on 4pm.

I finally sit down to work on quiz and it took me till 6pm to do this. I sent it. I hope I got a C. Yes, I should be more confident but I am not. I knew the play and all its themes, etc. but I do not do well on analyzing material like that. I did the practice PPT exam again and 3 wrong. Still an A so…yea. Now it’s 8pm. I think I ate yesterday.
I watched a bit of TV with hubby and then went to BED. I need to be more organized. I didn’t feel my BP go back to normal till bedtime. I laughed when the doctor said my BP was 128/something. It has been 116 since I have been on meds.

SO, today I guess I am making up for being so disorganized yesterday. Oh and Jennifer left her watch here that she needs for clinical so I need to go mail that…wasn’t on the post it!!! Darn! Hahaha.

There will be MANY more days like yesterday, this I know. Moral of the story – make margaritas to relax me while I am studying…no that’s not it…but it’s a good one though! Off I go to answer to the broom and dustpan! (Yea…I get all the fun!)

OH….grade for PPT exam today….100% (I rock!)