Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Cats really do have nine lives!

The next two weeks are finals...starting to get nervous about 3 of the 4. One I already did (the video speech.) I really am not worried about passing them, but about making the grade to keep my GPA at this point. If all goes well, I will have a 4.0. 

Still worried about oldest daughter and her exam which is next week (Tues or Wed, she picks)

Worried a bit about youngest and her finals too...

I realize worrying doesn't do anything, it will be what it will be BUT I am worried. 

On other news, after these two weeks, I have a break (a month I think) before summer classes start. I plan to do more home decor stuff. I hope to have the kitchen finally finished BEFORE the inlaws come on May 9.

One of youngest daughter’s friend's parents had chairs that matched ours for the dining room table (that is in my kitchen) so we bought 4 of them from for $60! They got a new set and the chairs were just sitting in the garage.

I need a few more prints for the eating area to hang and still have YET to find any REMOVABLE wall decor stickers for the the back splash. Apparently, I am still living in the 90s when those were popular. Had I known....

Belle, our wonderful old kitty has been through hell this week...all because of ME. It's a wonder she doesn't hate me. Cats are very forgiving though. Saturday evening I gave her the frontline treatment...she didn't look my way till Sunday when it was time for breakfast and then what do I do? I dropped the tupperware container of food on her head (spilling nearly half its contents) and she ran and hid in Val's room...which I might add she has NEVER stepped foot in. She didn't look my way or come out for hours. When she did, she snubbed me! get better....Monday she was under the desk sleeping and I knew it (no where near the chair) as I was working on class assignments. An hour later, I got up to check laundry and as I moved the chair I hear this crying/screaming/shrieking from her. I freaked a lifted the chair fast and saw her run but I saw a chunk of what appeared to be her tail!! OMG I freaked and shrieked and cried and picked the dang thing up! Noticed it was NOT tail but just fur. OMG..I went to her and she wouldn't even let me touch her. I tried to bribe her with treats to come down from the window ledge...nothing. I moved the couch to get to her and by this time she was gone...ran her safe haven...the closet in Val's room. I was still freaking out but I went there and laid down on the floor by her. She let me pet her and I felt all over and she didn't cringe or try to bite me so I guess mainly she was scared and the fur coming off pain didn't last long...IDK but I was so upset. She stayed up there most of the day. She did come down to eat at night and I watched her, she seems fine. Yesterday...nothing major happened...thank God. I am a horrible mama....

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Will itching count against me?

 just did my video's the best it is going to get...I mean I scratched my nose in it...BUT the rest is good...good eye contact, emotion in voice, etc...will the itching count against me?  I cannot do it over...

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


The moment when your daughter doesn't pitch a fit over money when she agrees to chip in for something...priceless

Thursday, April 5, 2012

cabin fever

I think yesterday was the first time since I quit my job that I really had cabin fever. I just wanted to get out! Today, I had a zillion things to do and out I got. Almost had to curse at a grandma driving one of those car-carts in the grocery store. I think she forgot her damn cart was the size of TWO with that cart and she kept pushing my cart, thinking she had more room. 

I got an email from someone I worked with and it made me realize there are some people there I do miss. Maybe that's why I had the cabin fever. 

Pot roast came out awesome tonight and enough left for tomorrow even. I still haven't adjusted to cooking for day. Sigh.