Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best laid plans....SHOT

Well crap on a cracker! Ever had one of those days where your best laid plans were just shot all to hell? That was today. The library incident didn't go over well with me this morning. You would think, with today's tech you could checkout a book without your card. I had other ID, knew my phone number, etc. BUT NO. Did this woman know I had to drive clear across town to get here....yea she didn't care. Blah.

Then I went to three stores that sells fabric and ribbon for a memo board that I am making...did I find anything at all that matched the colors in this stinkin shower curtain that has the exact colors of Val's dorm...NOPE!

Then when I get home what do I see next door....a guy who used to work at the college as a security guard who everyone deemed him as creepy pedophile man. He works with a lawn service that my neighbor uses. LAST thing I wanted him to know what where I lived.

So now I am venting and now I feel better. Thank you in advance for reading if you did LOL

Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Reports!

There has to be something said for early morning doctor appts. First, they are way too early and second, you are in and out of there!

The doctor I saw had a totally different attitude today...probably because it was first thing in the morning and he hadn't seen anyone yet...I rather liked him - today.

Told him I wanted off this BP med or a diff one. The cough with this one was past annoying. He chuckled and agreed. Took my BP and like the top number but the bottom number was still high. He showed my results from the bloodwork and I was impressed with myself LOL. Blood sugar was normal, Cholesterol was a little over the 200 they would like (I thought it was going to be "you need meds" high) but he was ok with it and the good part of that was low...he said I needed to work on that. Yea...exercise is the key to it all LOL. Thyroid was normal too. I left there with a new BP med - this one has a diuretic in it...oh joy to that! BUT I also left feeling like I am doing something right!

I go back in a month. If the BP is good I am asking when I can get off meds.

Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Lazy Do Nothing Happening Kind of Day.

I feel like a bum today...hubby worked and now he is outside trimming the shrubs and bushes and tomorrow is will be "practicing" a 50 or so mile bike ride that he is participating in next month. So he will be gone all day. Today, the most productive thing I did was shower. I did balance the checkbook and have lunch on base with hubby. But other than that it's been me and reruns of Beverly Hills 90210 and now LMN has a movie on about a man who kills his wives. I seriously had a whole mega list of things I need to do today. I put my status as completing my To Do list by moving it all to Sunday and so I will get it all done tomorrow. I just cant turn on the TV LOL.

Every so often I have one of these kinds of days, decompressing of sorts - used to be more so when I was working. It just I feel bad in a way, hubby working and all I didn't even do the dishes today. AND we are going out to dinner tonight simply because we received "found money" in the mail. Love that. I do not recall ever filling out the rebate for whatever appliance this rebate was for but they Whirlpool send me a letter a few weeks back telling me I never used the check they sent...ha! I never got one and one of the options on this form was to get a replacement is on Whirlpool and there is enough on there for maybe two more dinners sometime! Probably should use if for something we need but today I think we need Cracker Barrel.

I also had a panic attack today when I wasn't getting a response back from Valerie today for like six hours...don't laugh now! She finally text me (her phone was on silent) and all is good there.

Anyway, back to my lazy day. I think they are good for clearing out the cobwebs. I mean I am not even thinking about anything...well except how to move that bottle of water from the kitchen without me actually having to get up to get it. Yea...didn't work, I had to get up and then the urge to use the bathroom seems more real than just a thought. Oh and on the way back, I see a few things I need to do in the kitchen and chuckle as I get back to the comfy recliner with my water. Yep, lazy. It's strange but even when I was working and had one of these days, no matter the crap that I was experiencing (oh there was a lot!!) at work, on this kind of day I went blank. It was going to be there anyway come Monday so I choose to do nothing and I mean nothing.

One weekend about a year ago, Mark and I got up one Saturday morning and noticed there was a Law and Order SVU and Criminal Intent marathon on all weekend. We like those two of the series so we settled in with breakfast and watched a few episodes....before we knew it it was mid afternoon. We were still in PJs and had done nothing. We cleaned up breakfast and found a few snacky type foods for the rest of the afternoon LOL. By the time dinner came, Valerie asked what we were having...I was like, um um hmmm....let's order Pizza! Even most of Sunday we did this too...we were such bums that weekend but it felt so good to absolutely nothing. I have this thing about cooking a Sunday dinner so I actually did cook that Sunday. Since that time, we have done marathons with NCIS and House LOL but those were on DVDs and we could pause them if "real life" happened to stop by.

I should be doing something as Mark is just sweating away out there but no matter how hard I blink my eyes, twitch my nose or try to orb to the laundry room or the kitchen it isn't working. Life is good.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Empty Nesting

I am sure this Empty Nest thing will seem better as time goes on but for now, it isn't much fun on my part.

I guess the biggest thing is that she isn't just up those stairs and we can't just go and do the things we do together whenever we want to. They will now become more special when she does come home.

Walking into her room yesterday to see what kind of mess she left me (none, believe it or not!) I stood there and cried - figured I better get it all out LOL.

When I talked to her or text her over the weekend (a lot) she was settling in but I still worry for her because she is not a social person and I hope she can overcome that. She did say she met some people (all guys LOL) so that was a good thing. Two of her roommates already know each other and the third, has yet to be in the same room with them. Without a car, she is pretty much stuck to campus unless she makes friends with cars. She did say she wanted to get a job so maybe I can get Mark to give in to buy her a car now.

It is so weird with her not here.

People always say (and I have said it to others too) "Oh you can do so many things when the kids move out." Maybe so but besides running around the house naked all the time, there isn't much else I can do that I couldn't when she was here. She was very responsible so going on trips (the few that we did) without her was not major. Mark isn't a spur of the moment kind of guy so I don't see many trips in my future LOL. We never didn't do something just because we had kids. They went with us or stayed with friends.

I am one proud Mama, both my girls are awesome.

On another note, I was unable to get in for this semester and not for lack of trying. I know this college has a great rep but their customer service isn't 4 star by a long shot. I will be ready for Spring though.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Life Lessons Your Child Learns When They Actually Have a Paycheck from a REAL Job!

When Jennifer started college I told her I would put in a certain amount of money each money to cover her expenses and she had to budget everything and think about her purchases before she bought them. Her first year in college, she went below the set amount I told her not too ($100). I told her she had to have that amount in there at all times and any thing she needed that required her to go below had to be approved by me. Some were and some were not, meaning she didn't tell me until I checked her account. I warned her the third time that if she did it again, she would have to get a job and with her nursing college classes that was near impossible.

As she went into her second year, she budgeted much better and she was living off campus in an apartment so she was responsible for paying her rent each month which she did without fail. The lease was in her name but I co-signed, so telling her that if she forgot it was her credit and MINE that would be affected kept her on
time. She made wise choices and learned greatly about finding items on sale and if they weren't, she waited. She even started cooking meals at home instead of eating out.

Last year, her third year, she again moved to another apartment. This time she had to share expenses with 3 others and each of them were responsible for paying certain bills. I upped her monthly month to accomadate this change and nothing was in my name so I reminded her she was creating credit for herself so again, don't be late. She never was with anything. She opened an account at the bank there and deposited her Financial aid money in there. It really was my money since I paid for everything but I told her, it was for emergencies and only approved things by me. She did great. Paid for some schoool items that came up through the year as well as gas when she started her clincials. Over this summer she got a job as a Patient Care Tech at the hospital in Savannah, making very good money. She put the money in the bank, I know she spent some on herself and that is perfectly fine but she was excited that she made MONEY. A REAL JOB she said.

Ok fast forward to Aug 9th. Her neighbor backed into her car (it was parked in her driveway) and did quite a lot of damage. So we are waiting for insurance to figure out what to do. She will need a whole new backend according to all the estimates that she got. The other insurance is taking their time on this and she is without a car and classes start Monday. I called our insurance and if we pay the deductible she can get it fixed and we would get that back once the claim went through and she can even rent a car (we have to pay 20% of it) so she can get around while the car is being fixed. Super!!! Well I told her to tell me how much she had in her account so I knew how much I needed to add. She called me and was so upset - here is part of the conversation:

J - Mom, I am so upset, I feel like I have been working for nothing. I have only XXX amount in my account

Me - Where is the Aid money?

J - I had to buy books, and pay bills (she listed all legit bills)

Me: Ok I will transfer money

J- I feel like I should quit, I mean I don't even get to see my isn't fair.

Me - (Laughing) Welcome to the real world Jen, it sucks. You work hard and you give your earnings to everyone else

J- yea but I don't like it

Me- Well from this point forward, make a point to automatically say you will not spend XXX of your paycheck unless it is an emergency and only allow yourself to spend XX of it.

J - Yea...but Mom, it sucks.

I couldn't help but laugh hard when I hung up. Life lessons she has heard me preach but didn't realize the impact until she was faced with it. LOL. I love the fact she is so responsible and turning into a great adult.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Just another day of Life...

Well no calls from the college adviser and no calls returned either. Classes start Monday. I guess not for me though. I will be calling first thing in the morning to see if I can still get in.

I had two moments of panic today both within 5 min. One with Val leaving and one with where the money will flow from when we run low. Mark has this theory and I am not sure I am on board with it all the time. He worries about things when he needs to...Me on the other hand...I am a planner, I need to know everything is where it needs to be so I don't worry.

I guess if I am not going to class I need to find a part time job - feels like I am back to where I was. LOL. I had a moment of "did I make the wrong decision" but This too shall pass.

I joked with a coworker (when i was working) that when Val left for college I would be a crying mess...Oh the mere mention of her not being here had the tears flowing. I know this too shall pass but until it does, Puffs and I will be close friends. LOL. I am going to enjoy this week with her and try my best to not blubber everywhere Saturday while we are moving her in. Positive thinking!

The other thing that is bothering me is, I really only have a few close friends and a couple of them are moving (and have moved). You think I would be used to this from when we were in the military. But then again, we were the ones leaving and this time, the moving truck is on the other side and I am left here. I guess this is where Valerie gets it from - I am slow to make friends and when I do, they are forever. I feel like by the time I am close they leave or I do. Most people can't believe I am not an outgoing isn't easy for me to be that. Over the years, my husband's friends usually were mine too (their spouse) and over the years we now have his friends and my friends. No our friends really...there is one couple that we go to dinner with once a month. I am sure this will pass too.

I am just having a blah moment tonight so don't mind me LOL.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

College update

Very quick update on going back to college:

The college has everything they need finally and they are going through my credits to transfer. This is good. They told me an adviser would contact me this week. This isnt' so good. It's Thursday and registration for classes begins today. Classes start on the 15th.

I don't think I will be going to classes until Spring. This is bad. I now have to figure out what to do for the next 3.5 months...yep think I may have to look for a job.

I'm a bit depressed about this.

Oh and heads up...9 days till Val leaves for college.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another brilliant idea gone south...

Almost 3 years ago, Jennifer moved out to go to college. Today, we gave her combination bunk bed/futon couch gizmo away. While I did so very willingly and glad it is going to a good friend for her daughter, the room is empty now. I am excited for her because I do believe she will have many memories with it as Jennifer did. Sleepovers galore were used with that bed. hear about turning the kids' rooms into everything but their bedrooms and I am no different. I had this brilliant of my best in awhile LOL. We have a home gym in the garage with extra weights that doesn't get used very often at all. When Mark first got it (it was a gift from his parents for getting his BA degree) he used it frequently and then the Summer came...not so much then. And of course, if not used, out of mind (not out of sight as it was in the garage LOL) So move forward 5 years....about 10 days ago I said "HEY, let's move the gym thing upstairs once we give the bed gizmo away!!" Mark was all for it, and I said this way we both can workout in the AC and while watching TV or a movie. Mark said he wasn't sure if the floor would handle the weight of the whole thing plus the weights themselves. I said I would google it LOL. Well....crap on a cracker! It wouldn't be a good idea because over time the floor joists would bow and so would the ceiling below. Popped my bubble!

Now...have to think of another idea for the room! Guest room? I need a bed for that lol. Not an office because I would forget to go in there to pay bills LOL. I don't sew. It could still be a workout room just have to see what we can do without having the floor collapse. I don't have a hobby that requires a whole room. I could get one I guess LOL. Ideas??? Anyone??? Cheap???

Jennifer still has boxes in there (and the garage) and other items that are hers. The attic will be filled once I get in there to sort through it all.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Customer Service....blah

I really hate calling customer service places that hire in cable companies, credit card companies, and today I added Direct TV to that list. It's not that they are all unhelpful or always rude - it's that one time that I have ONE question to ask I get the rep that knows very little (either they are new or really knows very little) or I get one that just doesn't care about their job and so it shine through the phone lines like the bright sun shines at high noon.

Yesterday, I called to get information on Direct TV and spoke with a wonderful rep named Kendra. Kendra knew her business...even though I could tell she was reading at times from her script she actually didn't "um" here and "uh" there. She didn't repeat herself unless I was being an idiot and needed her too. She had me signing up for the service before I knew it but assured me there would be no problems backing out if my hubby didn't want it. I told her I was gathering info and we would decide if we wanted the service and what kind. She was wonderful.

I explained the whole deal to hubby and he had some installation questions and also wondered if we would have the service on the tv upstairs since I explained we would only have one receiver. I wrote down his concerns and said I would call back today.

Knowing that my chances were slim to get connected to Kendra again, I took my chances with Kristie this time. Kristie was able to answer all my questions but she couldn't make changes to my installation so she was transferring me to that dept. Great! So far my experience with this company was superb....little did I know I would be hitting my head with my hand in a few short seconds.

I can't even tell you the lady's name I was transferred to because she mumbled and was repeating everything more than once and not all that clearly. She tried to tell me I had an installation appt for I didn't even agree yet! All I needed to do was add one standard receiver to my installation. ONE. Probably just a few clicks to do so. She tried to tell me it was going to be $99 and I said no no no. Kristie assured me it was not going to be any charge whatsoever. She apologized and told me there was. I said no no no. She finally figured out I didn't want the HD DVR for the second tv just the receiver...and now it was a $6 per month charge. I already found this online while she putting me on hold and repeating herself several times. I agreed and said please do it. She must have been new and that's fine but at least try to act like you know are doing or tell me, hey I am new, bear with me. She went through all my charges before we ended our relationship and they were all ok. We said our goodbyes.

A little later hubby calls "Hey we aren't gonna get charged for the remotes are we? Like they did to us in FL?" I had no idea...and I couldn't find the answer online. Crap...I had to call back. I hoped I would get someone who knew this. I did, Jason. Jason answered my question in the blink of an eye. The answer is it is included.

Now. I hope the installation guy on Thursday knows what he is doing. I promised my hubby, no unnecessary holes in the house.

All this, to save $10 BUT we get 145 more channels and I can record anything anytime. Take that Cox cable. Oh wait...I will still have them for internet...I better be the nice customer when I call to cancel my cable Friday.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Food Porn

Just had to share this....I am in the process of creating a food blog...well I was telling Valerie that my pictures need work. She told me

"I can take food porn pictures for you, Mom."

ROFL. I love my Valerie!