Thursday, December 8, 2011

Things I need to know about going back to college from my college Daughter

I was having dinner one evening with Jennifer when she let me know upfront what I am up against going back to college "at MY age."
  • Bring either a bookbag or a purse, not both.
  • bring mechanical pencils
  • old people your age sit in the front because they can't see or hear well
  • best seat to sit in is the sides, 3rd row
  • if you have classes with desks that have the arm desk you pull're screwed because you're left handed.  bring your computer
  • make friends fast because old people aren't usually picked for groups quickly unless the younger people like you
  • you have an advantage because you know how to use technology...some old people don't
Yea...Tell me why I am torturing myself....


  1. I must admit, I love this advice! XD

  2. Thanks! I do too...she really hit it on the spot!