Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bucket List

Seems when people tell you that did something off their bucket list or tell you what is on it, you are supposed to come back with yours.  Seems like everyone has a really long one...if I were to think of mine it isn't very long.  First of all, lists of things to do tend to cost you money...I am way to frugal.  I did get to go to a concert that I thought I would NEVER go to and yes it cost me big time. But it was my 25th wedding anniversary trip.  We went to Vegas and did the whole casino thing and typical Vegas shows.  The highlight for me (next to being with the man I love) was seeing GARTH! It was by far THE best thing I have ever done (ok after marrying said man I love.)  He rocked that show! We saved forever for this trip too.

Next on my list would be to travel to Paris.  I seriously doubt this would ever happen for a variety of reasons, but it is on the list.  Nothing in particular about the city just the romance of it.  Now, in Vegas we did go to the Paris hotel and went to the top of the Eiffel Tower .  Probably as close as I will get.

My ideal dream house is one with a wrap around porch complete with rockers and porch swings.  One day.

Here's where it gets a bit slow...I have nothing past that.  Spending the rest of my life with my husband and watching our daughters succeed in their lives is perfect to me.  Of course if they bless us with grandchildren, all the more perfect.  Does this make me a boring person?

I am sure my bucket list will grow as I age...after all once the nest is empty more time to do what I want, right?!

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