Monday, May 23, 2011

Parenting...never over.

Not that I am complaining because being a parent has to be one of the top things to be in this world.  I wouldn't trade that job for all the tea in China or all the gold in the world.  When you are handed that bundle of joy you are glued for life.  Good, bad, happy or are a parent for life.

You never get a break...a vacation...or even a moment that you aren't a parent.  Even when  you carve out time for yourself, does your mind really turn off from being a parent?

I hear sometimes that parents turn their backs on their children for whatever reason.  Really? How? Because even when I am so angry I couldn't possibly do that.

I don't even know wishing for a moment that I wasn't a parent would be fun.  I think it would suck.

All that being said.  I do get tired of being "Mom." There I said it.  It doesn't mean I don't want to be one, just exhausted.  Yet, just in the second it took to type that I am back to being Mom.

Life goes on...and I have two awesome daughters.


  1. Despite all of that, I absolutely can not wait to be a mom. I am positive that my own mother has felt the same way you do at times, but I can tell you with all of my heart everything you do as a mother is appreciated. As I've gotten older I often think about all of the sacrifices my mom had to make to raise me, and I am just overwhelmed with gratitude.

  2. The only good thing about the empty nest that you will have one day is that you will finally be able to poo without an audience!