Sunday, October 2, 2011

A day with Valerie

Yesterday was a very long day but a great one. We drove 2.5 hrs to see Valerie and enjoyed the day there in Carrollton and surrounding areas. We left at 8am and didn't get get home till 11pm. The trip was to bring her the cold weather clothes she asked for, the new laptop (hers crapped out), and of course cookies for the roomies. I also brought her the padded memo board I made for her so she could hang pictures up without making holes in the wall. I love those 3M sticky hanging thingys!! Anyway, we went to a mall that was about 30 min was pretty big! Took us about 3 hours to do the entire thing and she bought a few more items of clothes. I didn't spend a dime! Well unless you count the Aunt Annie's pretzel! We headed back over to Carrollton and went to see Lion King in 3D...Valerie was like a little kid lol. Dear hubby fell asleep! By this time, it was going on 6pm so we went to eat dinner at Applebees...I tried something new and loved it...think I will be trying to make it at home too. Bruschetta chicken. Then it was time for the traditional trip to the grocery store! We dropped her off at her place and headed for home...I know I am rambling here lol.

I don't think I will ever be comfortable driving this trip alone to see her...I drove there and it was so stressful when the traffic got thick near the airport and then each time we had to change interstates. Hubby likes interstates and I would prefer back roads or at least a not so busy interstate unlike the ones we had to use. I felt as if Mark didn't care for the drive but you know what...he choose not to get Valerie a car so maybe eventually he will get her one. On the way up there, the "service engine light" came comes on from time to time and we have no idea why...or I should say Mark doesn't seem to care as long as the car runs well which it is. It bothers and worries the heck out of me.

I've attached the picture of the memo board I made and Valerie sent me one last night of it partially filled. They are so easy to make and the colors I used matched her comforter perfectly.

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