Monday, September 26, 2011

Belly dancing

With our Direct TV, there is an exercise channel on demand. I can download various exercise programs and do them at my leisure. I was checking some of them out before I settled on one I wanted to do on the days I am not walking. I am not very motivated as I have previously mentioned so this was interesting. So I watched a routine for simple cardio moves with some of the Biggest Losers (who now are thin and in shape) and liked one of them. Then I watched one with Jillian Michaels from the same show…she had three people on there…one who was showing you how to do the exercises if you were advanced and buff, one who did them low impact for beginners and buff, and then Jillian herself doing them at I am assuming a normal pace and even advanced in some. Well...I am here to tell you that I watched this 30 min routine and kept talking to Jillian. I mean, come on…have some people, at least ONE, that are overweight! Skinny and ripping biceps are not motivating me very much…I would rather have one person on there that I can relate to while I am struggling to kick my leg to the sky or crunch what I can’t find or lift my butt off the mat when I tell I you am but it is still touching! Anyway, I liked a few of them so I saved them to try this week.

On to the belly dancing. Belly dancing…there is a reason that you need to be skinny and in shape to do this form of dance. I know some will say otherwise and that once you learn the steps you can use it as a form of exercise. I am here to tell you, I think you need to be in shape!

Apparently there are four moves you need to master before you can do this dance. They involve your hip and moving it in such a way that I think I could seriously break it! Or at the very least, injure it to the point where Mark will not be getting lucky for awhile! Step one…was the hip twist and bump move. Apparently, Mayte Garcia is quite the pro at this dance and has been doing it since she was three years old. Twist and bump my hips….Lordy. Step two was the rolling of your hips…vertically and doing figure 8’s. Ok…that would mean I need to be coordinated….hahaha. I can walk and talk, I can rub my stomach and pat my head at the same time but figure 8 my hips while rolling them too…nah-uh. Nope. Step three is ribcage circles…vertical, diagonal, and horizontal …ok now I am supposed to move my hips AND ribcage…fat chance! I mean it…everything moves when I try to move my ribcage. See you have to be thin…like Mayte. I saw her ribcage move. And diagonal? What the hell move is that? That could put you in traction! Step four…basic arm, head and shoulder moves…ok ok..this step I could do…just this step…alone…by itself. But noooo you have to do it at the same time as the other three! I kept saying, “that has to hurt” and “are you kidding me?” or “no freaking way my hip will do that without me dying.”

Mayte then put them altogether and it was very good. I was alone in my house…I most certainly could have tried them all with her but I was not going to LOL. I kept asking her if it hurt to move like that…she assured me with her movements that it did not but I was still hesitant. I listened to her tell me how good this was for your stomach, back, and hips. I believe it but at the risk of hurting myself I just wonder if sticking with the walking would be better. Mayte also told me it was easy. She made it look very easy. But she doesn’t understand when she tells me to watch how my hips move and how my ribcage moves in circles I can’t see mine for all the fat on them LOL.

Ok I admit, I want to try this but I am not a dancer nor am I coordinated. I plan to give it another shot…alone, in my house, with the blinds closed. I will take it for granted that my hips will move the way she tells me and that my ribcage is going in the direction it is supposed. Or I could just sit and watch her do it again and talk to her…she really is nice, very encouraging and did you know she was Prince’s ex wife? Oh and she attended the same high school as Priscilla Presley did when she was dating Elvis.

Yeah…I am going to belly dance my way thin or into traction.

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