Friday, November 4, 2011

Do I have any Blood left???

NINE...NINE....count them....1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9!!! That's how many tubes of blood they took. The lab tech asked me if I was feeling poorly LOL. I said no! I think the doctor went loco! She actually told me a couple of the tests were for joint pain which is interesting since I didn't mention that my hands hurt more than normal...mostly when I am crocheting.

So after I left the lab I needed food after having to fast...I usually eat at 7:30 am so I was starving. My intent was to stop at McDonalds and get an egg McMuffin (Lesser of the bad stuff from there) and OJ. Well - my stomach wasn't letting my brain take over and it ordered my mouth to ask for a sausage McMuffin, hash brown and OJ. I have to tell you, it sucked. Stupid stomach - last time you tell me what to do!!! LOL.

On another note, My Jennifer is coming home this weekend! She is going to to go the annual Christmas Made in the South craft show with me and she is trying to talk me into having a "Bruce Lee Roll" with her...I told her NO Sushi for me!! Next weekend we will go and get Valerie for the weekend and we are going to see Lady Antebellum in concert, I can't wait! Then the week after that, we will be heading to WI for a week...Hubby's entire family will be coming to parents house and we will eat turkey, pie and be merry!

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