Tuesday, September 6, 2011

My thoughts on 9/11


Warning...I may offend some of you with my opinion and if I do, I apologize in advance. I also know some of you have very strong opinions on this topic as well and that's fine too.

Yesterday this was a status on a friend's FB page and it hit a big nerve with me.

"liar...this was no mistake...and if it were, he should be removed from his job for being to ignorant....cripes...


My first problem with this is if you just read the fox news report on the story you are missing facts. You have to go to the source...that being the article from the Greeley Gazette.

Second, how can this person call the principal a liar and said it wasn't a mistake and that he should be fired. Good Lord, if that is the case, fire all of us from every job. In the Gazette article, the principal said the flag was not in that usual place, so that means someone else placed it there and lower than the other flag. Yes that is very wrong but as soon as he was notified of it, he resolved the issue. I know what our flag symbolizes for our country and the fact that someone placed it lower than ANY other flag bothers me, however, no one has the right to say you knew it was there or that you should be fired from your job because some jackass thought it would be funny to disrespect out flag.

This friend has a tendency to put down our government often and other cultures as well. That brings me to what I really got ticked about - Before I head into that though, please understand I totally do not condone anyone, no matter their culture, race, or whatevers threatening our President (whoever it is), our country and its people. That is intolerable. I also, do not condone that for any country but as we all are fully aware of, peace does not reign everywhere and thus we have what we have in this world.

I do not agree with our current President but I respect the office. I have said a few things against the man and totally wish when the election went on more people didn't vote for him because he could be our first black President but as he said many times, we need change and that is what they followed him for. We do need change...oh we need change. Anyway, getting off my topic here.

9/11 is approaching and I have read several things on this lately and some of it really does bother me, How can one say you can't mention God at the 9/11 remembrance...God is laughing at that one and we all know he is. Even if you don't mention His name out loud, you got your thoughts and prayers...so yep that is a joke. I also heard that no emergency service personnel were being invited, surely that is a mistake as is the fact that tickets or whatever invitations were sent to the families inviting them to the remembrance were delayed. 9/11 is no joke but the crap that the media and NYC mayor or whomever is doing is. I am so tired of hearing things were omitted or changed so no one is offended. Shoot, I am offended when the guys think it's sexy to walk holding their pants up at their crotch but no one is changing that just for me! Walking on eggshells isn't going to change how those against us think...they will just confirm their thoughts that we are wimps and don't stand up for what we believe in. Get over it already!

The other thing this friend often disses is Muslims. Grouping all of them as terrorists. Really? Are you serious? I really get tired of hearing that all Muslims are terrorists...Not all of them are. Yes there is a large group that is and no we should NOT be worried about offending those that want to hurt our country and its people. However, why do we need to punish all Muslims for what the black sheep of that culture has done and continues to try to do? That's sort of like saying all white people were/are slave owners and they should be punished for that. There are many Muslims who fear for their lives every second of every day because they do not believe or choose to follow those that are terrorists. Oh and not all terrorists are Muslims...some are full blooded Americans that have gone against their own country.

9/11 I was living here in GA on the Air Force Base and my girls were in school, Mark was sleeping as he worked the midnight shift and I was home. My neighbor came over when we heard about the happenings and we were headed up to the school to pick up our kids...they were on lockdown in the gym (school was on base too) - We were told we could get them since we lived on the base and the base was on lockdown as well. The kids at the school were terrified, no clue what was going on outside their bubble so to speak. This is a school of military kids....meaning all different children from all different cultures...including Muslims. I even think one of the teachers was from Saudi and she was a favorite there.

At the college that I worked at there are several Muslim students (all here legally) that only wanted to escape the horrors of their own country for a better life...that is why they came here. (why GA though, I will never know) The stories they have shared with me made me cry and angry. It truly angers me. I live in a military town and there are so many students at this college that have a military person in their family and I have seen these Muslim students go up to them and THANK them for what they have done in Iraq and Afghanistan and they hope to be able to return one day to their country and live in peace. Your religion and faith is part of who you are, no doubt about that but everyone interprets their religion differently...I see this every day and quite often on FB with this particular person. Think about this, you all know someone who says they are Christian quotes the Bible, etc. but interprets the Bible for their own use. I know I worked with one person that did this often. Racism is everywhere (I wish it weren't) and that is what this person is doing when they group everyone of a certain culture together. If we were to follow their line here, then all of us are terrorists...yep...we are. Even this particular person. I hate being negative and I hated wanting to think or say bad things about others...it slips out and I regret it but I get back on my good vibe train. But one day, this person is going to go one step too far and I will have to spread crap on her cracker! Hehehe.

9/11 is a day no one will forget, it changed our country and the way we think. Sometimes I think it changed us to the point that we are accusing anyone who may be different or seem a bit off. Ya know, those people were there before this happened and we just ignored them. Most of them are still harmless nutcases but there are some who are out for their own agendas...no matter their culture. We also need to remember that on that day, America lost thousands of people and they left behind families...it's those people and their families that we need to remember on that day. They need the prayers. I am not saying we should forget who did this horrible actrocity to us but I am a firm believer in two things...God will take care of us and if you give more time than necessary to evil, they are winning. They want you to think of them. The day that Saddam was executed and the day that Osama was killed was a victory on the war against terrorism but there are more to take their place, unfortunately. The Bible tells us "an eye for an eye..." So, I don't know if we will ever see a day when no one in the world is fighting someone else.

And that my dear friends, is what is on my mind this week.

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