Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Best laid plans....SHOT

Well crap on a cracker! Ever had one of those days where your best laid plans were just shot all to hell? That was today. The library incident didn't go over well with me this morning. You would think, with today's tech you could checkout a book without your card. I had other ID, knew my phone number, etc. BUT NO. Did this woman know I had to drive clear across town to get here....yea she didn't care. Blah.

Then I went to three stores that sells fabric and ribbon for a memo board that I am making...did I find anything at all that matched the colors in this stinkin shower curtain that has the exact colors of Val's dorm...NOPE!

Then when I get home what do I see next door....a guy who used to work at the college as a security guard who everyone deemed him as creepy pedophile man. He works with a lawn service that my neighbor uses. LAST thing I wanted him to know what where I lived.

So now I am venting and now I feel better. Thank you in advance for reading if you did LOL

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