Monday, January 9, 2012

First day of college classes...

OMG...first day of classes with online classes was eye opening. I have SO much writing, reading and thinking to do. Tomorrow night is my first in class class...World Lit....

Ok from 2pm to 5pm I organized a bit of the material I need to do and did 3 assignments...easy ones like introducing myself on the discussion boards. I have an orientation assessment to take and it's based on the syllabus I printed out and I have to get a 100 on the blessed thing and I keep getting a 90! Oy Vey! You can't access the materials for the course without the 100! I can see the instructor shaking his head at the number of attempts I am using...probably thinking I am a total idiot.

Topic of a 10 min video paper - something/someone from the year you were born relating to computers...I am that year even going to have anything??? I found a few things....maybe I can get 10 min which is about 5 pages maybe?!! 

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