Wednesday, January 11, 2012

And...Let the FUN begin!

When I left you last, I was preparing myself to go back to college after a 20 plus year absence and I was pretty much freaking out.  Well, I still am just not as much!  I have everything I need except a working webcam which I need to use to make two videos.  Mine will work on Skype but not on it's own...yea...great.  I tried everything my technical mind could think of and used the resources of the internet as well.  My computer background is pretty good too.  SO, I will do what I do in this situation and call my DAD!  He knows everything about anything!  I will most likely have to buy an external one though.  Sigh.  

I have a very full load to carry this semester and everyone thinks I can do this but me. Guess I need to get on the train with them, eh?!  Last night was my first night of class in the classroom (since all other classes are online) and I have to tell you I was pretty nervous almost to the point of wanting to throw up.  But as my wonderfully brilliant daughter (whom I called to get a pep talk from) told me, "if you puke now, that tuna salad sandwich you had for lunch will not be pretty the second time and you will stink. Not a good first impression, Mom."  TOLD you she was brilliant!  I did not throw up the tuna.  I went in to class and for an hour and 15 minutes I listened the Professor talk about World Lit and what she expected from us.  She was cool.  She had an accent from the Caribbean thrown in with a bit of British.  I have to tell you, I read the chapter we were to read AND if you were to ask me to tell you what I read, I would have to shoot you.  It was in one eye and forgotten.  The Professor made this subject come alive, fun and I wanted to read it like she was telling us about it.  Drama, Love, Soap Operas, etc.  I sure hope I can, that will help writing all those papers she wants us to do.  

Yes, when the hour was up I was breathing normal and left for home.  I have tons to do for all the classes and if I organize myself I can do this...yes I can.

Now, for my oldest daughter's advice (see this post for that blog)

  • Bring either a bookbag or a purse, not both.   - Brought a purse
  • bring mechanical pencils - forgot the pencil but had a pen (didn't need a pencil!)
  • old people your age sit in the front because they can't see or hear well 
  • best seat to sit in is the sides, 3rd row  - sat in the back as it was the only row available when I got there, 10 min early even!
  • if you have classes with desks that have the arm desk you pull're screwed because you're left handed.  bring your computer - sat at computer tables
  • make friends fast because old people aren't usually picked for groups quickly unless the younger people like you - made a friend!
  • you have an advantage because you know how to use technology...some old people don't - found this to be true with one of the younger ones there!
SO...there you have it, my first day of class.  I survived, I was fine, it will be OK.  Breathing again.  


  1. Okay. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe. There. You CAN DO THIS. I'm glad you survived, and I DO completely understand your apprehension. I still get that heart-pounding, nauseated terror every time I embark on a new experience. But, like yours, my fear lessens with each success. You will be FINE. And I will be glad to proof your papers. NOW, please tell me how in the hell you created the tags or labels?? No one seems to know but you!
    Love, Bloggurl

  2. Love my biggest Cheerleader!! The tags are under each post when you are creating your just type in whatever it is you want the tag to be and wham! they are there.

  3. How old does your daughter consider OLD? lol Knew your would ROCK at this school thingy.

  4. awwww Thanks Sunny! and I guess she thinks old is my age! lol