Saturday, January 7, 2012

Practice what you preach, MOM

I'm beginning to think I should rename this blog to "Life of a OLD College Student" because I think that is all I will be posting about the next few months.

I begin back to college Monday, well actually I did yesterday "unofficially" with the syllabus' and the pre-assignments to the assignments.  I think I bit off more than I can chew! What was I thinking with FOUR classes all online!  So much to do, so much thinking, writing, thinking, writing, and on and on it goes.  I felt nauseous when I saw all I had to do and the classes didn't even start.  I felt a little throw up in mouth as I read what was due the first week.  I panicked.  I freaked some.  I texted my daughter who just started college and told her I was gonna fail.  She told me to have positive thoughts.  I replied with "I'm positive I am going to fail."  She then told me all the things I told her when she was nervous, scared and wanted to puke.

You'll do fine
You can do it
You are smart
Make a schedule
Stick to it
Force yourself to NOT procrastinate like I do

Yea, I forgot to breathe even while I was thinking of all the reasons I needed to drop classes.  I know she is right.  Even my older daughter told me some of the same things.

How do they do it?? Well I am going to find out.  I sat down in front of my laptop at the desk and for three hours:

I read 4 syllabus'
Introduced myself three times
took a orientation assessment 5 times (had to get a 100 on it to pass - kept getting 90's and 97's)
Printed documents out that I knew were on the site but wanted hard copies.
Made a list of things to buy
Made another list of what I need to do in class the first week
Did one assignment
Looked over at the thick World Lit book and frowned...yes I have to read a portion before class Tues.  This is my only hybrid class...

Then I made dinner and poured a glass of red wine. Now, I am still overwhelmed, just not wanting puke.

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