Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Unorganized, Insane Day

Well, I was heading to get that cup of coffee when I got distracted by my DIRTY Kitchen. So I started on a cleaning binge. When I worked, my house wasn’t spic and span all the time but it was kept up. After I quit my job, my house is still not spic and span BUT I have been deep cleaning things…cleaning closets….finishing up projects, etc. Now that I am back in school, my house is so bad. I haven’t mopped since before Christmas and sweeping the kitchen floor…OMG it needs it so bad that if I don’t do it today, I feel I may have visitors that I do not want. I have a problem organizing my time now with school. It was easy with work…you cleaned on the weekends. Bleck. When I quit, I did stuff every day so all was good. Now, I have to add the “chores” in my planner that I keep for classes. No lie. I have post it’s with what I need to do on it.

Yesterday was one of the most unorganized days I have had in months. I was so stressed that I felt my BP rise and RISE. I was supposed to have a quiz posted for World Lit….well I guess the auto upload for it failed and no quiz was posted till noon. Not that I was ready for that one…and when I saw the quiz finally…OMG…it isn’t a quiz. It’s a freakin TEST! Five essay questions that have 2 parts each. One response paper that had to be one page long.

Ok so, no quiz at first…practice test for a PowerPoint Exam…6 wrong the first time through it. Oh boy! 60 questions took me over an hour! Then off to watch a video for another class…most of these videos have been interesting – this one was not! In between all of this, I was doing 5 loads of laundry (still have 3 beds with bedding to wash.) Then, I remembered I had a doctor appt. in the afternoon. So showered for that and went to it. Two hours of study time lost there. Now the time is going on 4pm.

I finally sit down to work on quiz and it took me till 6pm to do this. I sent it. I hope I got a C. Yes, I should be more confident but I am not. I knew the play and all its themes, etc. but I do not do well on analyzing material like that. I did the practice PPT exam again and 3 wrong. Still an A so…yea. Now it’s 8pm. I think I ate yesterday.
I watched a bit of TV with hubby and then went to BED. I need to be more organized. I didn’t feel my BP go back to normal till bedtime. I laughed when the doctor said my BP was 128/something. It has been 116 since I have been on meds.

SO, today I guess I am making up for being so disorganized yesterday. Oh and Jennifer left her watch here that she needs for clinical so I need to go mail that…wasn’t on the post it!!! Darn! Hahaha.

There will be MANY more days like yesterday, this I know. Moral of the story – make margaritas to relax me while I am studying…no that’s not it…but it’s a good one though! Off I go to answer to the broom and dustpan! (Yea…I get all the fun!)

OH….grade for PPT exam today….100% (I rock!)

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