Monday, February 27, 2012

Celebrations... know how much I hate to exercise so when I do and feel good about it, I do not want to log on to FB and see Chic-fil-a's add for their banana pudding shake. C'mon! I don't even know if I like it but I like banana pudding! I just walked 2 miles and did strength training all I see when I look at my pretty water bottle that Jennifer got me to use in "school" is a milkshake and not the water that is in it. Thanks Chicken place. 

Classes update...another test done and aced it...a HARD one tomorrow...World Lit. I hate that topic just as much as exercising. Yes, I rebel at studying for it too. I don't even know what to study for since she will be giving us essays to write. ICK.

This past Friday marks the one year date of Mark's brain surgery. It's funny how we remember things like that but can't remember what we need to get at the store. Thanking God every day that he came out of it just fine! So, he celebrates by going on a 65 mile bike ride Saturday, I celebrated by going to Hobby Lobby. We all have our ways! Oh and then we went to dinner with friends at a great Mexican place, Margaritas....and yes I did have one. 

I'm rambling but I didn't feel like posting on open FB. I will be updating the food blog today too. 

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