Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Conversations with oldest daughter

Oldest Daughter and I had a text convo today and I wanted to share it:

Oldest Daughter: I am sitting in my last college class ever.

Me: yay!!!

Me: Took a hard test an 85 on it...brought my 99 avg down.

Oldest Daughter: Yeah that happens haha but it's still a good grade.

Me: Yea but it bums me out some. Oh and I get to register for classes when the "seniors" do and not the junior that I am - Sunday at midnight. hahaha

Oldest Daughter: I do not miss registration, ours was at 3am. You just have to do better at the next test to bring up average but an A is an A no matter if it's 100 or 90. And C's get degrees.

Me: thanks for the pep talk. Nice to know that you were listening all those times I told you the same thing, minus the C's get degrees. lol.

They do listen to us LOL. Made me smile and proud.

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