Saturday, August 6, 2011

Another brilliant idea gone south...

Almost 3 years ago, Jennifer moved out to go to college. Today, we gave her combination bunk bed/futon couch gizmo away. While I did so very willingly and glad it is going to a good friend for her daughter, the room is empty now. I am excited for her because I do believe she will have many memories with it as Jennifer did. Sleepovers galore were used with that bed. hear about turning the kids' rooms into everything but their bedrooms and I am no different. I had this brilliant of my best in awhile LOL. We have a home gym in the garage with extra weights that doesn't get used very often at all. When Mark first got it (it was a gift from his parents for getting his BA degree) he used it frequently and then the Summer came...not so much then. And of course, if not used, out of mind (not out of sight as it was in the garage LOL) So move forward 5 years....about 10 days ago I said "HEY, let's move the gym thing upstairs once we give the bed gizmo away!!" Mark was all for it, and I said this way we both can workout in the AC and while watching TV or a movie. Mark said he wasn't sure if the floor would handle the weight of the whole thing plus the weights themselves. I said I would google it LOL. Well....crap on a cracker! It wouldn't be a good idea because over time the floor joists would bow and so would the ceiling below. Popped my bubble!

Now...have to think of another idea for the room! Guest room? I need a bed for that lol. Not an office because I would forget to go in there to pay bills LOL. I don't sew. It could still be a workout room just have to see what we can do without having the floor collapse. I don't have a hobby that requires a whole room. I could get one I guess LOL. Ideas??? Anyone??? Cheap???

Jennifer still has boxes in there (and the garage) and other items that are hers. The attic will be filled once I get in there to sort through it all.

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