Monday, August 22, 2011

Empty Nesting

I am sure this Empty Nest thing will seem better as time goes on but for now, it isn't much fun on my part.

I guess the biggest thing is that she isn't just up those stairs and we can't just go and do the things we do together whenever we want to. They will now become more special when she does come home.

Walking into her room yesterday to see what kind of mess she left me (none, believe it or not!) I stood there and cried - figured I better get it all out LOL.

When I talked to her or text her over the weekend (a lot) she was settling in but I still worry for her because she is not a social person and I hope she can overcome that. She did say she met some people (all guys LOL) so that was a good thing. Two of her roommates already know each other and the third, has yet to be in the same room with them. Without a car, she is pretty much stuck to campus unless she makes friends with cars. She did say she wanted to get a job so maybe I can get Mark to give in to buy her a car now.

It is so weird with her not here.

People always say (and I have said it to others too) "Oh you can do so many things when the kids move out." Maybe so but besides running around the house naked all the time, there isn't much else I can do that I couldn't when she was here. She was very responsible so going on trips (the few that we did) without her was not major. Mark isn't a spur of the moment kind of guy so I don't see many trips in my future LOL. We never didn't do something just because we had kids. They went with us or stayed with friends.

I am one proud Mama, both my girls are awesome.

On another note, I was unable to get in for this semester and not for lack of trying. I know this college has a great rep but their customer service isn't 4 star by a long shot. I will be ready for Spring though.

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