Monday, August 29, 2011

Good Reports!

There has to be something said for early morning doctor appts. First, they are way too early and second, you are in and out of there!

The doctor I saw had a totally different attitude today...probably because it was first thing in the morning and he hadn't seen anyone yet...I rather liked him - today.

Told him I wanted off this BP med or a diff one. The cough with this one was past annoying. He chuckled and agreed. Took my BP and like the top number but the bottom number was still high. He showed my results from the bloodwork and I was impressed with myself LOL. Blood sugar was normal, Cholesterol was a little over the 200 they would like (I thought it was going to be "you need meds" high) but he was ok with it and the good part of that was low...he said I needed to work on that. Yea...exercise is the key to it all LOL. Thyroid was normal too. I left there with a new BP med - this one has a diuretic in it...oh joy to that! BUT I also left feeling like I am doing something right!

I go back in a month. If the BP is good I am asking when I can get off meds.

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