Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Customer Service....blah

I really hate calling customer service places that hire in cable companies, credit card companies, and today I added Direct TV to that list. It's not that they are all unhelpful or always rude - it's that one time that I have ONE question to ask I get the rep that knows very little (either they are new or really knows very little) or I get one that just doesn't care about their job and so it shine through the phone lines like the bright sun shines at high noon.

Yesterday, I called to get information on Direct TV and spoke with a wonderful rep named Kendra. Kendra knew her business...even though I could tell she was reading at times from her script she actually didn't "um" here and "uh" there. She didn't repeat herself unless I was being an idiot and needed her too. She had me signing up for the service before I knew it but assured me there would be no problems backing out if my hubby didn't want it. I told her I was gathering info and we would decide if we wanted the service and what kind. She was wonderful.

I explained the whole deal to hubby and he had some installation questions and also wondered if we would have the service on the tv upstairs since I explained we would only have one receiver. I wrote down his concerns and said I would call back today.

Knowing that my chances were slim to get connected to Kendra again, I took my chances with Kristie this time. Kristie was able to answer all my questions but she couldn't make changes to my installation so she was transferring me to that dept. Great! So far my experience with this company was superb....little did I know I would be hitting my head with my hand in a few short seconds.

I can't even tell you the lady's name I was transferred to because she mumbled and was repeating everything more than once and not all that clearly. She tried to tell me I had an installation appt for I didn't even agree yet! All I needed to do was add one standard receiver to my installation. ONE. Probably just a few clicks to do so. She tried to tell me it was going to be $99 and I said no no no. Kristie assured me it was not going to be any charge whatsoever. She apologized and told me there was. I said no no no. She finally figured out I didn't want the HD DVR for the second tv just the receiver...and now it was a $6 per month charge. I already found this online while she putting me on hold and repeating herself several times. I agreed and said please do it. She must have been new and that's fine but at least try to act like you know are doing or tell me, hey I am new, bear with me. She went through all my charges before we ended our relationship and they were all ok. We said our goodbyes.

A little later hubby calls "Hey we aren't gonna get charged for the remotes are we? Like they did to us in FL?" I had no idea...and I couldn't find the answer online. Crap...I had to call back. I hoped I would get someone who knew this. I did, Jason. Jason answered my question in the blink of an eye. The answer is it is included.

Now. I hope the installation guy on Thursday knows what he is doing. I promised my hubby, no unnecessary holes in the house.

All this, to save $10 BUT we get 145 more channels and I can record anything anytime. Take that Cox cable. Oh wait...I will still have them for internet...I better be the nice customer when I call to cancel my cable Friday.

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