Sunday, July 17, 2011

The day my Mother asked to be my Friend....on Facebook

My kids both had Facebook accounts long before I did. I asked to see them from time to time making sure no pedophiles were their "friends" or they weren't doing anything that they weren't supposed to do. I did the same when they had Myspace.  I did have one of those and they didn't add me and I didn't add them.  We were all like " no way are you gonna see what I have on there."  I played my Mom card well though and monitored them every so often.  I did let them see mine too, I really didn't have anything to hide - it was the principle!  

Well, I joined the Facebook craze to find old friends and such.  My youngest added me to her friends' list but the oldest not so much.  It was invading her college life now! I was indeed enjoying getting re-acquainted with old friends from school and past military bases we were stationed at.  I accepted requests from some of my husband's family too.  My oldest kept telling me it was just wrong for me to have this, of course she said the same about Myspace too.  It was nice to be able to chat with the friends from long ago in real time and I even added some of my co-workers.  Which, for some was a mistake because when I wanted to put up a status like "OMG Some people seriously need to grow up, I would like to point out that immaturity is not attractive in adults...pull up your panties and deal ..." - I couldn't without them asking if it was about them.  It's not always about you, idiot.  

I soon got notifications to play various games and my kids made fun of me for having that farm of course but hey, I was doing  my thing and not bothering them.  Besides it was a bit of a stress reliever from those idiots.  Then one day, in my notifications was a friend request from my oldest daughter.  I had to rub my eyes and look again to see if it was real.  Oh it was there still! I moved the mouse cursor to accept and then backed away.  I hesitated...there was a motive for this.  I called her and asked her. She said it was fine because she hid everything she didn't want me to see...well then what's the point of adding me,geez.  I laughed and accepted her.  It took her two years before I was "invited" to see everything or rather more of what she let me LOL.  

I remember telling my mom about Facebook and the games (she is a big online gamer lol) Then came the mother of all notifications...MY OWN MOTHER! no what was I to do. Yes I am adult but there are somethings I don't want my mother to comment on! Oh geez.  Ok OK OK... I added her but I sure was skeptical.  She would comment and it was odd...she doesn't put statuses up and her gaming posts bug me but I am sure some of mine bug others too.  I learned how to not but others though and not let hers bug me LOL.  I do watch what I post because if I put this as my status - "Some people make me understand why monkeys throw their poo." - she will call me to ask me what's wrong.  Sometimes I just put stuff up and nothing is wrong LOL.

I could so relate to my girls hesitating to add me into their Facebook lives. But it's cool.  Even their friends add me and the girls tell me "OMG that's embarrassing" LOL.  To that I simply say,

Hey, I'm Awesome - Deal with it.

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