Saturday, July 30, 2011

yada, yada, yada

Ok so today not so good on the eating or exercising but I am pooped. Spent the day moving Jennifer into her new place and no one, or two but three trips to Lowe's and I still have stuff to take back there that I brought home with me. I wasn't gonna go for four trips. I will start fresh tomorrow. I have a lot of things to move and clean in her room in my house...we are giving the bed to a friend and maybe moving the home gym contraption that is in the garage sitting pretty upstairs. Although, hubby is wondering if the floor will hold it and all the weights he bought for it....good question to ask now before we move it.

I have this irritating dry cough from this stupid HBP meds...the doc said it would be a side effect and it would bother others more than me...hell it bothers me a lot.

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