Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Since you don't have a job....

Well - it looks like I may not be able to register for the Fall Semester. The only document on the list of many that is completed is the one I completed. The application. I am still waiting on the Shot dude to call with the results of the blood-work (calling him tomorrow), still waiting for my transcripts to get to the college. Waiting to hear back from financial aid too. Geez...c'mon peoples! At least if I have to wait till Spring I will be ready. But what to do in the meantime is now at my front door.

I almost smacked Valerie the other day (not really but I gave her the "look") - she mentioned, not once but twice in conversation that since I don't have a job I have time for.... Oh yes she did. I looked at her and told her, just because I am not working, doesn't mean I don't have a list of things I need to do. For too long I have put off things because of work or the kids. Mark hasn't said anything like that yet but I feel if I don't go back to school this Fall, he may get to a point where he will. Not on purpose but it may still happen. He is behind me on my decision to quit and to go back to school but you know how men can be LOL.

I am looking here and there for job openings but not finding much and if one came along that I liked, I would apply.

Actually, I am enjoying this down time...I am getting things done at the house, appts made, and projects now can be completed. I am also back on track with my sonoma diet, no, that's not right back to eating healthier now. I just need to get more motivated to exercise. I go to bed each night saying ok in the morning I am walking. Then when I get up and see it is already 90 out at 7 am I am like oh hell no. I do have a walking DVD that I am going pull out and do in the house. I just need to be held accountable LOL. That will come. I have great intentions at night, in bed, when I am planning what to do the next day LOL.

While I was packing the car today with Jennifer's goodwill stuff, I found some of my things...imagine that! A purse, a book and my rechargeable batteries. Hmmm. She had a whole trash bag full of clothes that I just didn't want to give to Goodwill, so off they went to Valerie's friends. They loved them. The box of books...of which 10 of them were statistics (I never knew she had issues with the subject LOL) are going to the library for the annual book sale. The last box was purses, shoes and junk. I will take the purses and shoes to the Goodwill. I used to be a fan of the Goodwill but lately when I go, they seem to be more about $ than helping others. There was a fishbowl there too and there is a story about the two fish that lived in it that I will save for tomorrow's blog LOL.

I looked at the boxes she deemed "don't touch, I am keeping" and really wanted to go through them to donate stuff too LOL.

There are 35 days till Valerie moves to college.

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