Friday, July 8, 2011

My First Time....

Eating Sushi! (What were you thinking this was about!!)

Sushi = raw
That has been my impression forever.  I mean it's the view you see at the grocery store sushi counter, on TV show, and just about anywhere else - or so I thought.

As my children were growing up, I made various meals (not sushi) for them and they would try just about everything I made.  They had very distinct opinions on what they did and didn't like.  So you can imagine that I didn't make what they didn't like too often. When I did, they would try it again.  Hit or miss again.  I never stopped them from trying new things when we went out, they just chose to order what they knew they liked.  So fast forward to when Jennifer starts college. On her own. Choosing and cooking her own meals.  All of a sudden, I have "sheltered" her from trying new things...liking new foods.  Haha! Same has been for Valerie, she will tell me she tried this or that at a friends and likes it now.  Well, clue me in so I can enjoy it too, geez!

Anyway, sushi is something Jennifer has fallen in love with and has been pestering me to try it with her.  My protests were exactly like hers in the past when I was encouraging her to try lima beans or wild rice. way.  I finally promised her I would try it.  Anyone who knows me, knows I don't promise things lightly and I follow through.  My girls know this and count on it.

Of we go to Sushi Thai last night.  I tell her I want my sushi cooked and she told me "I' got ya covered, Ma." I'm a bit scared now....nervous too.  We look at the menu...this stuff is not cheap but it is very pretty to look at!  She tells me I want to order the Gigi Roll. I looked at the description...marinated chicken in teriyaki sauce with asparagus.  That's it...that's what I want!!! Yes...I can eat sushi without gagging or puking.  Jennifer orders the Bruce Lee Roll (shrimp, crab, spicy mayo, caviar and seaweed.  Ewww nasty.  I dislike most seafood. We also order some Spring Rolls...those I like - a lot. Back up plan!

We get the Spring Rolls and they were out of this world wonderful!

Out comes our sushi after that...Jennifer's is so very pretty and very appetizing! Mine not so much...BUT it is cooked and foods I like.  She tells me you have to stick the whole piece in your mouth to get the full effect.  I am like, are you kidding, not my first time. So I break some off and bring it to my mouth...first thing I notice is a FISHY smell.
Gigi Roll

"Jennifer - there is something fishy here"
"no mom (laughing hard), there isn't."
"what's this green stuff?"
"seaweed, it's in all sushi"
"SEAWEED....well they didn't wash it or something cause it smells like the ocean"
"try it mom"

I put the stuff in my mouth and while I didn't gag, I sure as hell wanted too! It was not good! AND I still smelled the fishy whatever.  I ate one more...the way she told me too...the whole thing in mouth to see if it would change my opinion. NOPE.

"Jennifer, I can't eat this, it's not good"
"try mine"
"ok, why not"

Bruce Lee Roll

I try hers and it was good...not great but good.  AND NO FISHY smell or taste, despite the shrimp and crab and seaweed. I guess her seaweed was washed!  The spicy mayo was very good.  So I had a couple more of hers and she tried mine. She didn't like it either.

We ended up bringing home mine just because the waitress was so very nice and worried I wasn't going to like anything (she could tell it was "my first time.") It sits in the will go in the trash today.

Will I go again, sure.  They had a ton of other options there.  Actually, we are going again Sunday and taking Valerie so she can be a little less sheltered too.

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  1. Glad my blog post helped brighten your day! You can ask for soy paper on your sushi rolls. I worked with a girl who hated the seaweed taste so we always sat at the bar and asked the chefs to make her rolls with the soy paper. Plus, I prefer many of the rolls with cooked contents, my favorites are the ones where each individual roll is deep fried. Not true sushi sure, but I like what I like :).