Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Bored??? Heck NO

For being unemployed, I am exhausted! My husband came home today from work and asked me if I was bored today. "BORED" - haha. There may be only two of us in this house lately but ONE of us forgot how to pick up things. No I wasn't bored, Honey. Actually, I rather enjoyed myself today with all the errands, cleaning and laundry. Someone, QUICK, feel my forehead...I MUST have a fever!

I am rather glad hubby went back to work today...he's been home since Friday. I was getting a bit annoyed with him LOL. Jennifer is coming home tomorrow and should be home until Sunday. It will be nice to have her here as I miss both girls. I just have to let her know upfront, I am not picking up after you or your dog! Oy Vey.

I miss both girls - I don't know, I don't think I am cut out to be an empty nester. Yeah, you say I will get used to it...I'll get back to you on that. After I graduated with my AAS degree I went to work for about a year and so and then had Jennifer. I quit and stayed home to be with her, loved it, loved it! Along came Valerie, two and a half years later and still I was home. When Jennifer was old enough for preschool, she went and I put Val in daycare while I went back to school to work on my BA. Didn't get far but still I went. I volunteered (LOVED IT) on the base when Hubby went to Korea for a year and was still with my girls.

We moved to GA soon (2 weeks) after he got back from Korea and the girls were about 11 and 9 then. A year after we were here, the dentist said they both needed braces. Money is needed for that! So I went on a hunt for a job. A job! Eleven years of staying home! The hours I had with my job were perfect for my girls and me. I left after they got on the bus and was home when they got off the bus! I loved that I was the first person to hear about their day when they got home. Of course through the years the hours changed and I may not have been the first but they would call me to tell me about their day. It was the best part of my day.

Now that Jennifer is in college, she will call me and tell me about her day or week...it's great. She texts me often too. Now, Valerie, she is gonna have to step it up a notch. The girl has been in FL with a friend and her family since Thursday and unless I text/call her, she doesn't. I told her - this isn't gonna cut it when you go to college...you can't just cut me off cold turkey!! LOL. She cracks me up.

Ok..I have no freakin idea where I was going with this. None. Nada. Nothing. I guess my point is - I am not bored, I am not a maid, and I will get used to being Home alone with no kids hehehe.

Oh yea...funny part and if you ever repeat this, I will deny deny deny. hahahaha Remember the movie Failure to Launch? Remember the naked room? Well...my husband asked me which room would be the naked room once Valerie left! I thought OMG LOL. Seems like a good point to stop with this rattling!!!

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