Thursday, July 7, 2011

I have to get how many shots??!!

Now. Getting shots...let me tell you...this isn't gonna be fun! Apparently I am behind in getting them??? Not sure how that is even possible but "according" to the computer at the clinic I am.  Why do I have to have these stupid things to go to school...yea yea yea I know and all that too. SO - NOW I am thinking I may not get to go to school until the Spring Semester. Why?! Because I have to get shots. More paperwork. AND my transcripts won't be here on time most likely. Man I hate to admit this BUT I feel like one of the students I work with...they would ALWAYS be late to register for classes and complain that it wasn't fair. I would always tell them, ya shouldn't have waited so long...See where I am going with this...uh huh.

At least, if that happens, I will be ready for Spring! 

I also found out who my friends were/are at that place I worked. times there. My rose-colored glasses are clear now. Thankyouverymuch for the life lesson. 

BUT I am not dwelling. I am looking ahead. IF they wanted to know why I really left, my phone would be ringing. This is where one might insert the bleep you comment but I am not dwelling. I have to get shots tomorrow...gotta be relaxed LOL.

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