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Workout one of bootcamp - not really but that is what the video was called LOL. After my doctor appt Tuesday I had a wake up call...not really one that I haven't been aware of but this new doctor did it in a way not to belittle me or harshly...just facts. Since Sunday I have had this pain..I thought UTI as that was the area of my bladder the pain was in. Well, Tuesday it was so bad I was crying. I went...did the showed no infection really but he was more concerned with my BP which was very high. Typically it is when I go to the docs but if they take when I leave, it is just a bit elevated or near normal. Well this was the second visit and it was not the case. So off to the lab I went for blood to be drawn...and off with BP meds and an antibiotic for whatever I had come in for. 

I left a bit unsure of what to do..I was in terrible pain still but off I went home. On my drive I made a plan...I have two weeks before I go back to the docs and I want to have lost at least 10 pounds and want my BP to be lower both with the meds and exercising and eating better. I thought I was eating well and I am for the most's that going out thing that sometimes throws things off... or the nights when we get home from wherever and by the time dinner would be cooked it would be bedtime. So - dinner is frozen pizza or something like that. ding ding ding...sodium heaven, fat heaven, etc. My real downfall is I hate HATE to exercise. The idea of it is great...actually doing it, yea no. I like to walk, it's too hot at the moment. I have a gazelle upstairs and do use it but not often enough. 

So Wednesday we went to see Jennifer for her birthday...I had to go to the lab first to give more of my blood for a cholesterol check (which I imagine will be bad bad bad too) and i had to fast for it, which really wasn't a big deal since I don't eat past 8pm at night anyway. Then we went to Burger King...yea...I know. Once we got to Jennifer's we hung out a bit and then went to Olive don't be shaking your head...I did good there. I had salad..the dressing is great but bad so before they mixed it up too much I got my share (the dressing is all in the bottom at first) I ordered the Pasta e fagioli soup (low in everything) and I had 1.5 breadsticks...hey it's Olive Garden! Unsweet tea as usual to drink. I felt I did good. Of course the frozen pizza for dinner cause it was late was not good LOL. 

Last night I was looking at and realized it has more than I thought it did the last time I viewed it. It has a tracker for everything, food, fitness, goals, and more. It really reminds me of WW in that you can post everything you eat and it tells you based on your profile how much of each nutrient, calories, etc you shoul have a day and counts it down. Recipes, community boards and even exercise routines. It has all kinds of exercise videos and one that require little or no equipment. I found a series of bootcamp workout ones that were for beginning to intermediate levels and uses weights too. SO - today I did day one...10 min (really more with warm up and cool down) and then walked on the gazelle for a few minutes too. I only had to take one break for a few seconds. I did most of the exercises they way Nicole, , my fitness expert did them. The others I did the less intense version. She showed both the less and more intense for all the moves. Now, I hate exercise but I will do this because I have to. I do not want to be on meds for BP or anything else the doc is going to tell me when I go back in two weeks. Check SparkPeople out if you haven't. I hate exercising with others...I tend to feel like they are all watching me, etc. I walk with my hubby which we will do tonight and every night...heat and all...bleck. I do not want to become a person that has to take a ton of meds every day...I already forget to take my vitamins...add more to my list and I may be in trouble LOL. 

There was one that showed you how to make your household chores into exercise routines. One was laundry...instead of grabbing a handful of clothes and placing them into the washer at once you place the basket on the floor and picked ONE piece up at a time doing squats. I thought, easy. Yes it is, easy but OMG...takes forever when you are doing it with whites..,.Marks wears tons of socks!! I ended up grabbing two things, three things and the heck with all went in the washer LOL. BUT you get the idea. 

Why am I telling you my personal business...I don't know other than I had the urge to write it. LIke I said, I can do the eating part - I just need to do the exercise part and I will. Well...thanks for reading this far (if you did) and sorry to have bored you.

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