Saturday, June 11, 2011 go or not and other thoughts

There are a few subjects that I tend to steer clear of when I post comments and when I do comment on those touchy subjects I do so very firmly.  I don't like conflict but I can hold my own if there is any.  Politics, abortions, one's sexual preference, and religion.  Yep.  All hot topics.  Everyone has their own opinions and some think it's the only opinion to have and if you don't have it, then you are a bad person.  I am not like that.  I think the next few blogs will be about my stand on these touchy subjects.  If you choose to comment and share your opinions, please remember this - it is your opinion just as I have mine.  Right or wrong.

Tonight, I think I will start with religion.  I believe in God. My whole being does.  From the time I was young I loved reading Bible stories and every night I would read one.  Sundays and Wednesdays were church days. I loved the church I belonged to growing up.  My parents weren't church goers but they never stopped me from going and went with me when I asked.  It wasn't that they didn't "have religion" because they both come from strong religious backgrounds.  I really never knew or thought to ask why they didn't, I just knew they supported me.  I stopped going to the church when I was in high school and I didn't really go back to one until my girls were about 7 & 9.  Once I got married,  Mark and I went to several churches and didn't find one that fit us so we just didn't go.  When he went overseas for a year, the girls and I  were invited to the church on base and we loved it.  It felt like family there.  They supported us and every week during the praise and prayer session, the girls would ask everyone to pray for their daddy who was in Korea.  They all "knew" him before he was even back.  Once he came home and went with us, he understood what we felt.  Well, as the military does, once you get used to something, they move you.  We moved to GA and haven't really  found another church that feels welcoming as that one in FL did.  So we stopped going but when invited to other's churches we go...because I know there is one out there for us.

Now that you have a bit of background, let me say this...

Some people believe you have to go to church to worship God. They also say you aren't a true Christian if you don't go to church. I do not understand that.  God is everywhere, so I can worship him anywhere I choose to.  I don't need a congregation to worship with me.  What I say to Him is my business.  I will admit, the closeness of the church family is awesome but if I can't find that again, I am OK.  I am sure I will.   So if you have to go church to worship God, what's with all the TV church shows, which is a whole other blog topic! I pray all the time...God knows my worries, my triumphs and He gives me the kick or boost I need when I need it.

Some people believe their chosen religion is the ONLY one to believe.  That's their right.  Please don't force it on me.  You are more than welcome to believe what you believe...that is what our military has fought for...freedom to believe what religion you want.  This brings me to the Muslim faith.  Not all who believe the Muslim faith are bad people.  I am sorry but so many people have been persecuted for their faith just because of who they are throughout history.  Not every German was bad.  Not every Muslim is a terrorist and they should not be treated like they are.  Those that are, yes indeed.  I totally understood it after 9/11 of course, we didn't know what was happening or who to trust but we need to remember that our God has got us covered.  I have students at the college I work at that are of all cultures and is a melting pot.  I listen to them and their stories and sometimes I am appalled at us - us meaning the World.  We Suck at times.  Anyway, my point is, your faith is yours.

I am a Christian. I am saved as is my family.  We know that God will take care of us forever.  That is all I need.


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