Friday, June 10, 2011

Favorite Teacher

With the upcoming Graduation at the college I work for some of the graduates came to pick up their cap & gowns and they always ask if their teacher is there.  They want to thank them, hug them, show them the cap & gown and just listen to the teacher (or anyone there) say "Way to Go!" They are ecstatic to be graduating.  For some, it has been a very long and challenging road, others not so much.  All of this has made me think of some of the teachers that made an impact on my life over the years.

My really first teacher that I remember was Mrs. Ridenour  from Hooverville Elementary...she really didn't start out to be a favorite but in the end she was pretty cool.  I remember her yelling at me for "talking" all. the.time.  Back in the elementary school day, you got O, S, or N on your report card.  I always got a N for talking too much and a N for Gets along with others.  She explained to me one day that if I kept talking all the time I would miss something she was teaching and it may be something I need in third grade or on a test.  By the end of the year I deemed her the "bestest teacher, ever!"

I moved after that year and had to go to a new Elementary school and would be in Summitview until I was ready to enter the world of junior high.  I remember this next teacher, not because she was my favorite, but because she told my parents something that I got into major trouble for.  I remember not many liked this teacher and I was no exception!  Mrs. Snowberger.  Man, she busted me at a parent/teacher conference.  You see, I told the class and her, that I had a sister that lived in Japan. So at said conference she asked my parents how their daughter was doing.  They looked at me, at her and each other and said to Mrs. Snowberger, "You tell us!"  The teacher, simply said this - "No, I mean your daughter that lives in Japan." Well, the look I got from my mother was the one you know the one..."wait till I get you home, you won't sit down for a week" look.  I had to come clean.  In the end, Mrs. Snowberger did me a favor. I wanted a brother or sister so my parents thought on this - and - got me a cat. Twinkles was with me till I moved and got married.  She hated me when I came home to visit after that, I left her after all. Bet my sister in Japan wouldn't hate me for leaving.

Mr. Porter was  next.  Sixth grade.  He taught me a life lesson with math.  Also had the biggest afro ever. I hated math. Word problems especially.  He enthusiastically told me, "Lisa, if you don't know how to do simple word problems, you will NOT succeed in life. Life is one BIG word problem." What the heck! I was 12!  Crushed me.  BUT I proved him wrong.  I learned those stupid problems and have succeeded in life pretty darn well. He was also the only elementary teacher I ever saw use the holy paddles on a kid in class.  Another life lesson learned there too.

Junior high, there were several that I have fond memories of...yep can't remember their names. Junior high wasn't fun.  Although, it is where I met my husband hehehe.  Oh one teacher, who I can't recall but taught science, taught me to say the word aluminum..up until that point, it was tin foil to me.

High school - Wow..this is tough.  No real top favorites but several ties.  The coolest, weirdest teacher had to be Mrs. McCormick, Spanish.  She taught us to curse in Spanish.  Mr. Ireland, well biology was fun as he was nice to look at!  Mrs. Glover was tough...she taught Marketing and Typing. My neck still hurts from her twisting my head to the "type" not the typewriter.  "Look at the print, not the machine."  I still catch myself hearing her say that in my head when I am typing.  Ms. White had me loving accounting so much that I wanted to be an accountant and did major in it in college at first too. Mrs. Hammond caught my attention every day in math...still hated the subject but she made it tolerable.   There are several more but I will stop boring you.

This was a fun trip down memory lane, well for me anyway.  If you stuck with me, you are wonderful!


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