Saturday, June 25, 2011

Same Sex Marriages

Yep, time for another hot topic.  Probably thought I forgot about some of them.  Ha!  I've been thinking on this one awhile now.  I hear so many comments from people I know and don't know, their opinions and where they stand.  I read comments on blogs and FB of the same.  I refrain from commenting MOST of the time, simply because, as you are aware, I hate confrontation - most of  the time.  I am a peaceful person by nature. I wear my emotions on my sleeve for all to see and when I am adamant about something you will see it too.

NY passed the same sex marriages into law Friday night and I am thrilled for all those that are seeking this with their partners.  I know what the Bible tells us about this topic and I know there are some of you who will take me on about it too.  This is what I believe -

Ultimately, we all report to God and only He will pass down judgement to us for any sins he says we have committed.  No matter the sin, God is the final judge for all of us.

I feel you love who you love, you know when you have met "the one" and I don't think we have any right to deny that relationship.  If it works for you and you are happy, then that is what matters.  You only get one life and you should be  happy.  People should not condemn others for who they love.  Think about it, if you are against same sex relationships and condemn that person, look down on that person or treat them badly or different, how does that make you a good Christian?  How does that differ from a man-woman relationship that you don't approve of?

I also feel same sex relationships should be allowed to adopt children.  We let man-woman relationships adopt and look how some of those situations turn out.  Not saying that it could happen that way to some same sex ones but they should be given a chance to love and raise children as well.  It would be harder I am sure, but isn't raising a child of a different culture just as hard?  Heck, raising my own children proved to be  a challenge at times!

Same sex relationships should have the same benefits as a man-woman one - meaning being in on major decisions such as medical and insurance.

I know several couples who are gay and lesbian and call them friends.  Shoot, I think some of them have better relationships than a lot of man-woman do.

I am sure I am not totally up on all the pros and cons of this subject and I am fine with that...I know what I feel and what I think.

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