Saturday, June 18, 2011

"Katy is a classic kind of skanky"

I know I know...the title may lead you to believe you shouldn't read on but trust me, it isn't what you think LOL

For those of you who may not know, my daughter, Jennifer has been in Costa Rica for the last 2 weeks or so - she is due home tomorrow (YAY!) and while she has been gone I have been driving her car.  In her car I found a few CDs so I stuck one in when there was nothing on the radio worth listening to.  I have been asking both girls to burn me a few songs when I hear them.  One was Fireworks by Katy Perry.  Now, keep in mind, I have heard a few other songs by this singer and liked those I heard.  The CD I played had Fireworks on it.  The first few songs were country and then some hip hop.  Katy came on next and I turned the volume up and jammed.  The next song came on and I didn't know who it was but I rather liked that one too.  It was playing as I was pulling into the driveway and so I called for Valerie to come outside.  I asked her who it was and she told me it was Ke$ha.  Well I have seen videos of her songs and wasn't fond of them.  I told her I liked this song and faster than I could have blinked she was text people telling them "My mom likes Ke$ha."  No just this song was my protest LOL.  She was rather shocked, I on the other hand was laughing. I always listen to their music and most of it isn't bad - both girls know what genres I like and do usually tell me in advance if I won't want to listen to their CDs LOL.

Flash forward to my birthday, you remember it was the day I got my bag of fish!  Anyway, Val gave me 3 CDs...All Time Low, Sara Bareilles, and Katy Perry.  I was excited to hear them all.  The next day I put them in the car and listened to Sara and loved it.  Later that evening I played the Katy one...O - M - G!!! I was like, holy crap on a cracker, is she really singing about losing her virginity and not knowing who was in her bed and a zillion other sexual things!! Yes she was!  I have to tell you, the beat and flow of the lyrics were great but not what I wanted to hear.  I called Val again and asked if she had listened to this CD...she said yes and was surprised that I wanted her CD.  I said Well I only like a few on there!  Wow.

Today we were getting in the car after a great lunch at ABC and she put in the All Time Low CD and I told her I really liked that one.

Val:  Better than Katy?

Me: yes but I still like that one song by Ke$ha, I am not fond of the picture their songs portray though

Val: Yea...Katy is a classic kind of skanky and Ke$ha is just a dirty dirty whore!

Ok now, understand, Val is probably one of the few teens that would wash my mouth out with soap if I said hell.  She hates cursing of any kind and I try very hard to respect that and when I blow it, I beg her to forgive me because I feel guilty LOL. So for her to talk like that I knew I must be listening to music that I should steer clear of LOL.

I still like the songs. Hehehe

Growing up it was Country music in the car when you were with my parents.  And at home on the stereo.  I could listen to my music in my room only LOL.  I don't recall them listening to anything I liked.  I guess maybe that's why I chose to listen to what the girls did so I could relate a bit better.  They really do have great taste in music.  Val will make me mixed CDs with the songs she plays that I like.  It's rather cool.

I can't wait to tell Jennifer that I like the Ke$ha song...I wonder what her reaction will be!

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