Sunday, June 12, 2011

My belief on pro-choice

Continuing my hot topics....abortions.

I've read all the pros and cons on this topic, medical facts and religious facts.  I had to do various term papers on this subject throughout college and I have to tell you I hated the paper I had to write for philosophy - we had to argue the opposite of what we believed.  That was a tough paper to write.

I am pro-choice, but I am against abortions in general. Before ya'll get your dander up - here is why.  Having an abortion should be a personal and private decision for each woman that may be in that situation.  Every woman should have that choice, in certain situations.  Just having one because you were stupid enough not to use protection is unacceptable.  You made that choice when you decided to get busy.  If the baby were to be born with birth defects, that is not a reason either.   I know there are people who say you either are for abortions or against can't be both.  You can.  It doesn't mean you are heartless if you are for them, it is your right to believe what you will.  I imagine there are some strong minded people that are dead set against them but the fact is, until you are in a situation that have you to decide - you truly do not know.  The whole "walk in my shoes" theory.  I know a few young women who have been raped and got pregnant as the result...some had abortions and some did not.  That is a personal choice.  I do not agree with having an abortion in that situation, that baby is not at fault but I can understand why some women may choose to do so.  Abortion is not something I would do personally.  It is not for me.  But I wouldn't condemn you if you choose to have one based on your situation, I would support you the best way I could.

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