Wednesday, June 15, 2011

You got me what??

I wasn't sure I was going to blog this but it's good for a laugh, now that I can laugh about it that is. As most of you know, yesterday was my birthday.  I had a fabulous lunch with my good friend Elane (we missed our other good friend, Tracye though)  and my parents called to wish me happy birthday so it was nice to talk to them for a bit.  I got home and Valerie had made a wonderful cake, and had gifts.  Jennifer's gift she left before she went to Costa Rica was here too.  Hubby had his gift and a card with these other gifts.  Valerie gave me 3 CDs she burned for me that I had wanted.  More on the the Katy Perry one later!!!!!  She also got me a nice smelly candle.  Jennifer is the one who gave me the huge margarita glass and a note that she would bring me something back.  Both girls had funny cards too.

Well. Mark's gift.  Well. There was bag of Swedish Fish (candy) with a card.  I looked around thinking there was something else somewhere. Didn't see a blessed thing.  I looked at the card...which was telling me I was OLD. Like I needed reminded and from my husband no less!  I looked at the fish and here is the conversation that followed:

I said "you got me Swedish fish, huh?"

He said "well they didn't have the gummy bears you like"

Me:  fish, huh

Him: It's a five pound bag!!

Me: yes it is. Let's have cake, it looks wonderful

We ate cake and it was so yummy.  I kept thinking, he really didn't just get me a freakin bag of candy did he!! Oh yes he did!  No really he didn't!! Stupid, he did!! After cake, he fell asleep on the couch, now mind you I had to go back to work in a bit and we tend to use the break on the nights I work to catch up because I work late and he tends to be asleep when I come home.  So I am on facebook thanking all my wonderful friends for the birthday wishes while he snoring away.

I wake him up when it is time for me to go and said "did you really not know what to get me that you had to get a bag of candy?" He said, "what do you get the girl that has everything!" Everything hell.  I said, the new Danielle Steel book, or the last three of them!

I went to work, a bit upset, hurt and mad.  As the night went on of course it all became better but I am still in a bit of shock!  I came home early and we talked a bit and then I showed him what Elane got me...a little black apron (it is sooo stinkin cute!!!) I will have to take a picture of it LOL.  This is the conversation that followed:

Me: look, it's a little black know a take on the little black dress.  It's got the pearl necklace and lace too.

Him: so what you're saying is, She got you a  better gift than me

Me: Yes! She did!

Him: what you're saying is, I didn't do well in the gift dept this year

Me: it's a bag of candy for your wife's birthday.  Candy down here, little black apron up here.

Him: wanna go fool around? wink wink.

So there you have it.  I can't stay upset with him for nothing for long.

Have you ever received a gift from your spouse/partner that you just were so disappointed with the amount of thought that went into it??   Please don't get me wrong, I appreciate my husband remembering the day and I do like Swedish Fish hehehe but....

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